Zion Kim's Secrets to Creating a Business That Serves You

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Today on the show we have Zion Kim. Zion runs a portfolio of many different businesses and agencies all dedicated to helping entrepreneurs have a business that really serves them and frees them up to be in their best zone of genius and best self. This is a problem or solution that he has dedicated himself to because he has also dedicated himself to this practice in his own entrepreneurial journey. We are going to hear many stories of the tough choices that he made in order to create a business that serves him. 

We are going to learn that sometimes you can grow a business and create a lot of success but it is not exactly the success that you ultimately wanted to create. Zion is going to talk about how to avoid a lot of those pitfalls of the success that you don’t want to create and what to do to reorient your business so that it serves you, lights you up, and allows you to be at your very best. He brings a really big heart to this space that the world needs to see more of in many different leaders.

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