Why Your Origin Story is Not Enough

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Today on the show we are going to be talking about one of my favorite topics – origin stories but there is a twist. We are going to be talking about why your origin story is not enough. Not enough to succeed, not enough to carry your message to the goals you want to achieve. An origin story is usually 3-10 minutes long and is used to introduce yourself to the audience, create a connection and trust with them, and set you apart from your competition right off the bat. 

These stories are memorable and have a cinematic feel to them and everybody wants to have one. These are also one of my favorite kinds of stories to work with people on. I love seeing how people light up when they get clear on this story and they are excited to share it. So much opportunity opens up for them. They are so thrilled to put the story into action. They feel a sense of completion but really there is a whole new world to explore. A good origin story is not the end or the entirety of your storytelling journey. It is just the beginning. 

We discuss:

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