How To Use Storytelling To


your business

Discover an easier way to communicate your value, stand out from your competition and overcome big objections.

April 8th, 1:00 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
Entrepreneurs, coaches and influencers, you’re invited to Kyle Gray’s masterclass premiere event
On this 45 Minute masterclass

the story

You'll Discover


The #1 storytelling technique

you must include to take your sales story from “confusion” to “clarity”


How to build desire

and overcome big objections before they even appear in your listener’s mind


The three-step storytelling approach

How to use this three-step storytelling approach as the foundation (and the supercharged engine) for all of your marketing (books, speaking, sales calls, social media)​
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Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray is a world-class coach and copywriter who helps coaches, startups and influencers use storytelling to better communicate their unique value, and create connection and trust with their audience. He combines timeless storytelling with cutting edge marketing to ensure you’ve got the right story to tell while presenting, on a sales call or in conversation, both online and offline.

Between speaking on stages, coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs personally, impacting tens of thousands with his bestselling books and podcast Kyle loves to backcountry skiing, climbing cliffs and exploring nature.


who should attend this masterclass?

This masterclass is perfect for entrepreneurs, authors and coaches with great products and services to offer the world, but have a hard time communicating that value and attracting enough customers.
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If you’ve tried to explain what you do but people just don’t seem to “get it”.

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If you want a clear, consistent and scalable way to share your message and enroll new clients.​

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If you’re tired of chasing around shiny objects, new tools, and dead ends and instead want a simple and powerful way to enroll customers.

Kyle Says

A Good Story

can make the difference

A good story can mean the difference between a struggling and stagnant business or thriving and compelling business. I’ve seen first hand the power of storytelling while working for a startup and using a story approach to help it grow to a 7-figure revenue.

I’ve seen incredible transformation when coaching hundreds of people on using their stories in public speaking, marketing and sales. I used to struggle with these same concepts and challenges myself while growing my own business and brand. Frankly, it’s hard to come up with stories and messages that demonstrate why you’re unique.

Ironically all of the experience and brilliance that enables you to create BIG results for your customers creates blindspots in your own communication.


I’ve both felt and seen the pain that these blindspots can cause:

The Buyers Journey
You’re going to learn


Years Of Experience

You’re going to learn from my years of speaking, authoring, coaching, investing and many costly and painful mistakes  and save yourself years of struggle.

There’s nothing that brightens my day more than seeing the “click” that happens when brilliant people just like you finally get clear on their story and use it to attract more customers.


The Proprietary Process Template

When you register, you’ll be sent the Proprietary Process Story Builder template. This template will supercharge your experience in this masterclass and [benefit].

Kyle Gray

My Promise To You By the end of this masterclass you’ll be empowered with a simple system to clearly and powerfully explain your value, differentiate yourself, overcome objections and connect with your ideal audience from the stage, webinars, enrollment calls, online content and social media.
Before working with Kyle I had no idea how to tell a story, write content or write a speech effectively. Kyle is so efficient in getting the point across about how to do all of that. He breaks things down simply and is a genius with creative thought and story.

Jenny Pandol

Certified Holistic Health Coach