SEP Episode 38: Creating Your Perfect Client Pipeline With Yuri Elkaim

Today on the show we have Yuri Elkaim. I am really excited to have Yuri on the show today. He’s been somebody that’s really been inspiring me, educating me, and helping me move a lot of my game forward as far as copy-writing, and coaching, and developing my own processes. He’s brilliant at all of these. And we’re going to learn a lot about his process for creating amazing results for his clients in Healthpreneur group.

We’re also going to talk a lot about content marketing, and content strategy. There’s a very specific way to create content, do content, and leverage content these days, but there are some crucial things that you need to have in place in your business before you start trying to become a YouTube celebrity or a famous authority blogger. We’re gonna dive into all of that today and as a bonus a few extra tips on building a scalable business, which Yuri has done so well.