SEP Episode 43: From Passion Project To YouTube Influencer with Austin Dunham

Hello and welcome to The Story Engine Podcast. My name is Kyle Gray, and today on the show we have Austin Dunham. Austin has built up a YouTube following of over a half million subscribers, documenting his journey learning and mastering calisthenics. He’s turned this from a part time curiosity into a full time, thriving business, and is growing a team of creators to help him share his story and create more content and drive his business growth.


How Influencers Sell From YouTube

How Influencers Sell From YouTube One of the most powerful marketing tools available in this day and age is video. Platforms like YouTube have created a space for marketers to harness the engaging and interactive qualities of video and share content with the world. Because of video’s consistently-growing popularity, more social media platforms like Facebook …

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