SEP Episode #55: Digestible Content from the Legal Nomad Herself, Jodi Ettenberg

Today’s guest is Jodi Ettenberg. Jodi has an amazing story. 

She spent the last 10 years traveling the world, exploring new foods, and putting together incredible content based on it. She’s recently run into some health challenges and had a very critical operation go wrong about a year ago. She hints at this story a little bit in the interview, and I’m going to include some links where you can learn more about her story and what she’s been going through. 

SEP Solo Episode: 7 Ways International Travel Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur

I’ve lived all over the world, and each country I’ve lived in has taught me valuable lessons. Today, I’m in Fribourg, Switzerland. I find myself reflecting on how travel and entrepreneurship are related and can help each other, and wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned. In today’s special episode, I discuss seven ways living abroad can make you a better entrepreneur and quite possibly a better person. I hope this inspires you to buy your next plane ticket!