SEP Solo Episode: Today’s My 31st Birthday

Today is my birthday. Not the day that I recorded this podcast, but the day that I published this podcast. I want to share some of my reflections over this last year and some of what I want to bring into this next year. So I’ve put together a list of some of my biggest wins from this year to celebrate. Some of the biggest lessons I learned, and some of the things I really want to bring into my next year.

SEP Solo Episode: Lessons From The Worst Typo Of My Life

You can learn a lot about yourself from how you respond to mistakes and the kind of mistakes you find yourself making a lot. On this episode of The Story Engine Podcast I explore the complications that have arisen with the promotion of my new book and how there can be success despite complications. 

SEP Solo Episode: The Cost of Doing Nothing

There is a  cost to doing nothing. Sometimes even, a very high price. Every entrepreneur, coach, influencer, storyteller, anyone with a message should understand the cost of doing nothing, of not taking action, of not signing up for your course, your coaching program or working with you as a consultant

People are missing out if they don’t work with you and you need to be able to communicate that clearly.

SEP Episode 45: Build Your List Using Virtual Summits With Mark Wade

Today on the show, we have Mark Wade. Mark is a serial entrepreneur that started as a physician and has slowly evolved from marketer into a software service company founder.

The success in the marketing of all of his brands and his company comes from virtual summits. Virtual summits are essentially an online conference that people can attend from the comfort of their own home. These can be really powerful tools for lead generation, for product launches, and for getting new customers. Mark is going to break down how to use virtual summits to do just that on the episode today.

SEP Episode 44: Optimizing Your Business Operations for Explosive Growth with Alyson Caffrey

Today on the show we have Alyson Caffrey. Alyson is a master of operations and communications. She helps businesses achieve explosive growth by getting super clear on their key process and optimizing every aspect of it, from making sure every task is delegated and explained and documented properly and making sure everybody on the team is communicated with and knows what they’re doing.

What she does is essential for so many entrepreneurs to really grow a business to fit the lifestyle or the scale or the achievement or the impact that they really want to have. She’s going to share a lot of really valuable insights into how you can get started doing that, into how you can really make a big leap from either just getting started to six figures, or maybe six figures to seven figures.


SEP Episode 43: From Passion Project To YouTube Influencer with Austin Dunham

Hello and welcome to The Story Engine Podcast. My name is Kyle Gray, and today on the show we have Austin Dunham. Austin has built up a YouTube following of over a half million subscribers, documenting his journey learning and mastering calisthenics. He’s turned this from a part time curiosity into a full time, thriving business, and is growing a team of creators to help him share his story and create more content and drive his business growth.


SEP Episode 41: A Martial Artist’s Guide to Podcasting with Kyle Kingsbury

Today on the show we have Kyle Kingsbury. Kyle Kingsbury is the host of the Human Optimization Hour or maybe soon known as the Kyle Kingsbury show. This is a podcast put on by Onnit, a fitness and nutrition brand with a massive following and a very intelligent, detailed oriented audience and Kyle serves that audience very well through his curiosity and intelligence honed by spending many years as a UFC fighter and studying human optimization himself and by always being really well researched on his guest. We’re going to learn a little bit about how he became the host of this podcast to put on by Onnit. Plus, we’re going to learn some of the techniques that Kyle used as a fighter to keep his mind sharp and focused that he still uses today as a fully optimized peak performing human and content creating entrepreneur