Kyle gray

SEP Solo Episode: Today’s My 31st Birthday

Today is my birthday. Not the day that I recorded this podcast, but the day that I published this podcast. I want to share some of my reflections over this last year and some of what I want to bring into this next year. So I’ve put together a list of some of my biggest wins from this year to celebrate. Some of the biggest lessons I learned, and some of the things I really want to bring into my next year.

SEP Solo Episode: Lessons From The Worst Typo Of My Life

You can learn a lot about yourself from how you respond to mistakes and the kind of mistakes you find yourself making a lot. On this episode of The Story Engine Podcast I explore the complications that have arisen with the promotion of my new book and how there can be success despite complications. 

SEP Solo Episode: The Cost of Doing Nothing

There is a  cost to doing nothing. Sometimes even, a very high price. Every entrepreneur, coach, influencer, storyteller, anyone with a message should understand the cost of doing nothing, of not taking action, of not signing up for your course, your coaching program or working with you as a consultant

People are missing out if they don’t work with you and you need to be able to communicate that clearly.