jeremy ginsburg

SEP Solo Episode: You Can’t Teach Entrepreneurship

You see I believe and continue to believe that you can’t teach entrepreneurship like you can teach mathematics, spelling, or many basic classroom lessons. I believe the best way to learn entrepreneurship is on the front lines and alongside a community of other entrepreneurs who are on the front lines learning with you. 

SEP Solo Episode: What is Freedom?

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. To my non-American listeners, the Fourth of July is a day where we get together with our friends and loved ones. We put on our favorite bald eagle t-shirts, and have a red Solo cup filled to the brim with our favorite beer in one hand. Then the other hand is free to shoot fireworks into the air or sometimes at each other to celebrate our freedom. 

I think despite our passionate celebration at this time, many of us have lost touch with that incredible gift of freedom. Today, I want to share what freedom means to me and to challenge you to live up to the treasure that it is. Even if you aren’t an American, many of these lessons are not limited to this country.

SEP Solo Episode: The Goal And The Journey

One of the big themes I’ve found after utilizing personality tests is something called futuristic thinking. It’s a strategic mindset that sees everything that could be. It’s an incredible gift and superpower. I want to share with you how to use this way of thinking to set goals, learn to speak your story out loud and further your entrepreneurial outreach to new heights.