SEP Episode 51: From Book To Live Event In 9 Months With Cody Burch

Today on this show we have Cody Burch. Cody is a friend of mine I’ve known for a few years now and we’ve worked alongside each other in many awesome organizations. I am so excited to share his story with you on the podcast today. 

We are going to go from when he set out on his own journey to build his own business and the many interesting and powerful things he’s done to build it. From creating a podcast, writing his own book, and most recently hosting his own event, which was very successful and very exciting.

He’s done this all very quickly by making big moves, investing in himself and really connecting with his audience. He is so vulnerable and honest in his storytelling that I think a lot of you are going to find it really inspiring and I hope it helps you take action on your dreams as well.