SEP Episode #55: Digestible Content from the Legal Nomad Herself, Jodi Ettenberg

Today’s guest is Jodi Ettenberg. Jodi has an amazing story. 

She spent the last 10 years traveling the world, exploring new foods, and putting together incredible content based on it. She’s recently run into some health challenges and had a very critical operation go wrong about a year ago. She hints at this story a little bit in the interview, and I’m going to include some links where you can learn more about her story and what she’s been going through. 

SEP Episode #54: Using Transparency to Maximize Trust with Jake Jorgovan

Today on the show we have Jake Jorgovan. Jake has continued to grow and thrive with content marketing.

Particularly, he is known for having really great transparency in his content, sharing what he’s doing in his business, the exact templates and processes for how he’s doing it, and even how he’s feeling in both the highs and lows of his business. He’s going to talk about that today, and how that’s built a trust and a bond with his audience that’s very strong.