SEP Episode #60: Building Passive Income by Working Smarter Not Harder with Lisa Johnson

Today on the show, we have Lisa Johnson. Lisa is an expert in passive income. We’re going to be exploring a lot of different ways to create passive income, myths about passive income, and Lisa’s journey from working really hard, being overstretched and burnt out, to now being able to have a multiple six-figure business based mostly on passive income. 

Something I’d definitely like to have in my own life, if I’m being honest. So with that, let’s hand it over to Lisa. Lisa Johnson, welcome to The Story Engine Podcast.

SEP Episode #56: Investing in Yourself and Your Wealth with Caleb Guilliams

Today on the show we have Caleb Guilliams. Caleb is an author,  speaker, and the Founder of Better Wealth Solutions. He is changing the game of wealth management for many different entrepreneurs. 

Caleb has a really unique story because he is much younger than your average financial advisor. This has offered him many different disadvantages and some unique advantages in which he will be sharing with you today., This will be really, really valuable information for anybody who is new to entrepreneurship, or who is younger and wants to break into entrepreneurship.

We’re also going to learn a lot about investing, not just in terms of where you can invest but in terms of rate of return. But how can you invest in yourself, in your business? How can you overcome big challenges? Where is the best places to be spending your time, your energy, and your money?