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Massively Increase Your Sales and Confidence With Storytelling In

60 Minutes

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Story Roadmap Session

By the end of the Story Roadmap Session you’ll have a recording of your unique story told in the way you’ve always wanted to tell it, and immediately put it to use in your speaking, social media, sales calls and so much more.

Plus claim your bonus access to the Story Pro Accelerator Training! (More details below)

How It Works:

Step 1: Clarity Interview
We'll explore questions to get clear on your ideal client, their problem, and your solution.

Step 2: Story Building
Once we are clear on who the message is for, We'll go through a series of questions to draw stories from your own life.

Step 3: Recorded Read Through
Once we hone in on a few stories and key details, I'll do a read-through of your story with your perfect client's language.

Step 4: Reap The Rewards
You'll receive a recording of your coaching session so you can start seeing results with your upgraded storytelling immediately.

How do people typically feel at the end of the session?

WARNING: Working with me may result in:

  • Dramatically increased sales when you speak and an influx of new clients.
  • Massive progress on a key revenue-generating asset for your business that you can use over and over again, long after we stop working together.
  • Attracting ideal clients to work with you and overcoming their biggest objections before they arise.
  • Making sales and creating raving fans even on "no pitch" stages.
  • Increased time and freedom away from your business because you've hit your sales goals faster than you thought possible.

"I have total clarity on my message" Joe Johnston - MII Professional Speaking

"I made 20k the first time I spoke" Dr. Kimberly Jenkins

Special Bonus!

Complementary Access To Story Pro Accelerator Training
($397 Value)

Step-by-step guidance to build a high-converting signature talk in 4 weeks or less.

  • Easy and powerful storytelling templates and scripts that will increase your sales.
  • Short and focused videos: easy to binge, or take at your own pace.
  • Perfect complement before or after your story roadmap call

Stories From Some Of My Past And Current Clients

Meet Alex Moscow.

Alex is the very definition of “too smart for his own good”. He’s a sales pro, has hosted hundreds of events, and a master of social media… nevertheless he would get sidetracked in details, overteach his content, and share case studies in a way that created objections instead of overcoming them.

With a few subtle changes to his presentation, Alex went from an 11% conversion to a 21% conversion when he spoke.

That means with 100 people on a webinar
21 booked calls versus 11 in the past
He had a 50% conversion on his calls
The program he sold was 9k
You can do the math if you want specific numbers.

Meet Zion Kim.

Zion runs a portfolio of several 6 and 7 figure companies. Before we started working together he would go long on his presentations and often miss the opportunity to make a strong call to action.

After working together Zion's conversions start to skyrocket when he spoke. He recently spoke at one of the most renowned events for marketers in the world and was told that his presentation was one of the best they've ever heard.

It was a "no pitch stage" and still people were coming up to him after wanting to know how to work with him.