The Power Of The Money Multiplier With Brent Kesler

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On this episode we are talking with Brent Kesler. Brent teaches people how to build, keep, and create wealth by breaking down a concept that the wealthy have been using for over 200 years. He helps individuals break free from the bonds of financial slavery by showing them how to keep money within their family and recapture dollars spent on expenses. The average person is good at making money but struggles to keep it, often due to expenses rising to equal income. Brent emphasizes the importance of recapturing and recycling money to build, keep, and create wealth without working harder or taking on additional risk. Brent Kesler shares his journey of discovering the infinite banking concept and implementing it in his own life. He initially had doubts but took a deep dive into the concept and realized its potential. He faced denial and resistance from his wife, but eventually, they decided to implement the concept and paid off nearly a million dollars in debt in 39 months. This transformation led Brent to change careers and dedicate himself to sharing the concept with others. He emphasizes the importance of mindset, systems, and mentors in achieving financial freedom.

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