Profitable and Joyful Entrepreneurship With Samantha Hartley

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Samantha Hartley. Today we are talking about entrepreneurship.  We specifically focus on how to make your business and process profitable and joyful.  

Before starting her business in 2000, Samantha worked in international marketing for The Coca-Cola Company in Russia and later led Strategic Channel Marketing for Asia from Coke headquarters in Atlanta, GA. When she is not working, she enjoys deep spiritual discussions with her husband and their friends or enjoying the beaches and trails with her dogs. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and studied theatre and Russian language in Leningrad and Moscow. She speaks fluent Russian and bad French, Spanish and sign language, and was classically trained in French cuisine and patisserie at the Ritz-Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie in Paris, France. 

Samantha shared many great insights and practical strategies that can be used to create a coaching or consulting business and make it both profitable and joyful.  So get out there, take that risk, and go for it.   

We discuss:

  • [01:02] Samantha shares about a defining moment in her life.
  • [02:42] Samantha took a leap of faith and took a leave of absence for a year.
  • [05:05] Integrity isn’t just telling the truth. Integrity is the alignment of thought, word, and deed.
  • [07:22] If you want to make an easier transition, do not burn your bridge. Her former colleagues were reaching out to her for consulting.
  • [08:45] You can create a business consulting and be both profitable and joyful.
  • [10:21] The thing that gives us energy is a joyful thing.
  • [11:37] Soul joy is when you're experiencing life, delivering your gifts, and living your best version of yourself.
  • [12:08] A perfect client is someone who exactly what you do is exactly what they need. A perfect client brings out the best in you. You are the best version of yourself when you are working with them.
  • [13:37] The process is us working to get to more and more perfect clients and more joyful days.
  • [16:23] Her most successful clients are the best at self-care and the best at focusing their time on the things they are best at.
  • [18:36] Samantha suggests starting with your passions.
  • [20:53] When you see what your client needs you can create exactly what they need.
  • [22:07] The number one thing that she has is an insane level of risk tolerance so she can do really risky things.
  • [23:47] In entrepreneurship, you are going to hit obstacles, but you need to stick with it and show up every day.
  • [25:08] When she is marketing she doesn’t assume the audience is the same as her.
  • [27:44] Sometimes as entrepreneurs we need to be risk obvious. We do need to be wise and discerning in business, but it is going to be risky.
  • [28:45] You need to get out there and try things.
  • [29:07] In entrepreneurship, you have to take action and make mistakes and grow from that.
  • [31:18] Your story is valuable and you can turn value into very high ticket transformational engagements when you tell it.

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