Profitable and Joyful Entrepreneurship With Samantha Hartley

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Samantha Hartley. Today we are talking about entrepreneurship.  We specifically focus on how to make your business and process profitable and joyful.  

Before starting her business in 2000, Samantha worked in international marketing for The Coca-Cola Company in Russia and later led Strategic Channel Marketing for Asia from Coke headquarters in Atlanta, GA. When she is not working, she enjoys deep spiritual discussions with her husband and their friends or enjoying the beaches and trails with her dogs. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and studied theatre and Russian language in Leningrad and Moscow. She speaks fluent Russian and bad French, Spanish and sign language, and was classically trained in French cuisine and patisserie at the Ritz-Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie in Paris, France. 

Samantha shared many great insights and practical strategies that can be used to create a coaching or consulting business and make it both profitable and joyful.  So get out there, take that risk, and go for it.   

We discuss:

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