Creating Authentic Engagement With Chat Bots With RJ Redden

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On today’s episode, I am talking to RJ Redden. RJ is an expert at creating authentic powerful experiences using chatbots.  Chatbots are still a new and emerging technology and there are many different ideas about how they should and could be used and where they should be applied. RJ has a totally unique and very interesting and powerful perspective on this.  

RJ Redden is a chatbot strategist.  She helps entrepreneurs skyrocket their marketing message. So she creates epic chatbot experiences that get people to click that button, connect with you, and convert like crazy. The bottom line, She is on a mission to motivate a million people to change their marketing. 

I am excited to share RJ and her story with you on the podcast. In this episode, we talk about how she creates chatbots to create an experience where she meets her clients where they are with the right language, talks to them and helps them one step at a time. We also talk about where bots should and shouldn’t be.  RJ shares ways to avoid the current chatbot misconceptions and create a positive experience for clients. She also shares so much great information about what you need to create chatbots for your business. 


We discuss:

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