Better Stories Means Better Clients And Faster Growth.

From what I’m seeing right now having conversations with coaches on a daily basis is that there’s never been a bigger opportunity to start speaking and sharing your message in front of your ideal clients to drive growth for your business. But you can only make the most of this if you KNOW the right frameworks.

→ When you know how to share your story in a way that builds trust and interest with your ideal clients without sounding like you’re just bragging about yourself.

→ When you know how to teach in a way that opens up your listeners to new perspectives and helps them visualize what it's like to be successful with you.

→ When you know how to talk about your products and services in a way that gets your audience taking notes and leaning in, instead of feeling like you’re being pushy and selling them.

→ When you know exactly how to structure a great talk and stories within that talk so you can create sales with confidence every time you speak. After running three groups and learning as much from all of you as I hope you learned from me, I’ve been working on an upgraded version of the program which will start the first week in April. 

Praise for Kyle Gray:

Real Testimonials from Real People.

Get Hands-On Guidance to Turn Your

Knowledge and Skills into a Story that

Clients Love.

✅ 6 hours of training, roundtable coaching, live feedback on your story, and long-form Q&A with me (along with a small group of other world-class coaches).

✅ The Story Pro Accelerator course will help you build a high converting presentation at your own pace and allow you to come prepared to the weekly training sessions to get detailed feedback on your presentation.

✅ Proven storytelling and teaching methods to help you enroll, engage and inspire your ideal clients.

✅ Detailed feedback in the Story Pro Community on your presentations helping you create faster and with more confidence.

✅ A deep dive 60-minute 1 on 1 call that you can use at any time during the program to help you get personal feedback, create your presentation faster and optimize your stories and teaching for sales and engagement.

We Start in the First Week of

August. Don’t Miss It!

I know you’re used to hearing a lot of marketing pitches, so I won’t lie to you.

The #1 reason you need to sign up today is that I can only work with so many people at once.

Since this is a coaching program with one-on-one sessions, I really can’t take on more than 20 people.

I will have to be strict about that limit, so please don’t make me the bad guy.

Join today and lock in your spot.

Who is Story Pro for?

  • Coaches, health experts, entrepreneurs and business owners that create great results for their clients and have a product or service of more than $1,000.
  • You have a solid track record of delivering value and impact to your clients.
  • You are looking to improve your sales and messaging in every aspect of your business.
  • You are committed to delivering massive impact and transformation in the products and services you offer.
  • You're willing to make mistakes and put yourself out there to learn
  • You are coachable and committed to taking responsibility for getting results in your business and life.

Who is Story Pro NOT for?

  • You think that the way you have always done it is “good enough” because you’ve experienced “some” success.
  • You waffle between different services, ideal customers and how you want to serve them
  • You don’t have an audience or speaking opportunities where you could make use of this talk
  • You don’t want to practice and improve on what we create and nevertheless expect it to be perfect

Easily Multiply Your Sales with an Incredible Story.

With a one time payment of only $1997.

During your 5-week workshop, you'll receive personal and powerful coaching on how to tell a better story that will magnetize you to your ideal clients.

You’ll leave with a powerful story framework that are guaranteed to make your speaking and selling less stressful and so much easier. 

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