A Simple Framework for Great Video Storytelling with Owen Video

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On today’s episode, Owen Video is joining us from the Video Marketing School. He will be breaking down some incredible storytelling frameworks that he uses on a daily basis to grow his business.  These are the same techniques that he teaches in the Video Marketing School.  We are going to hear about Owen’s incredible health journey and how that led to a pivot in his business from working very hard as a videographer to now thriving in the Video Marketing School membership site that he has created.  We are going to learn a lot of very simple and applicable storytelling techniques that you can use to create videos on YouTube, Instagram Live, or any platform you are creating on. 

Owen is the founder of TheVideoMarketingSchool.com where business owners and marketers learn the art of science of online video. Owen is widely known for his high-energy, insightful workshops and courses and is a sought-after event Emcee and Live Stream host with a reputation for creating TV-quality livestream shows for brands.

We discuss:

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