The Key Ingredients for a Great Startup Pitch with Nilima Achwal

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Today we have Nilima Achwal on the podcast. She is the founder of the Female Founders Lab. This is a startup accelerator that helps female and male founders access what she calls a “goddess energy.” This energy is essential when navigating the complex and challenging world of getting funding as a startup.  She has a tremendous amount of international experience in this world and now works with many leading founders in acquiring the funding they need to carry their vision to the masses.

We are going to be talking about some of the key ingredients needed to acquire that funding and enroll venture capitalists into your startup.  This is an excellent episode even if you have never had a start-up before, or never had a startup before. Having this level of vision can be very powerful and have a dramatic impact on the results you experience in your business and in your life.  This is a very useful episode for everyone so that we can learn from startup founders on the cutting edge right now.

We discuss:

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