How Presentations Transformed Missy Beaver’s Business and Life

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This is a special episode of The Story Engine Podcast.  This episode is part of the Customer Success Series.  This is the story of Missy Beavers that did some work with me to transition out of a brick and mortar supplement store that was taking a bunch of her time to an all-online, very flexible, low hours, high-value work that has freed up a ton of time for her to spend with her family.  

Missy Beavers is an integrative life coach with a master’s degree in nutrition who focuses on thyroid health, gut health, and the mind-body connection.

Missy shares the amazing and inspiring story of her success and the transformation it has made on her business and her life. She shares how she went from running a very time-consuming brick and mortar business to doing group coaching for four hours a week.  She shares about her journey and framework that got her to where she is today.

We discuss:

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