How to Create Courage to Trust Your Intuition with Mina Shah

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On today’s episode, Mina Shah is joining us. Mina is an incredible entrepreneur that has been working with women for many years and creating huge impacts in their lives.  Today we are going to hear her story of how she really had to tap into her intuition to create a life beyond what she thought was possible.  She was living a good life, being very successful as a speaker with Tony Robbins, and still had to lean into becoming more than that.  Even when she didn’t have all the answers. Even when she didn’t know exactly what she would be doing.  How do you have the courage to step into the unknown and create a bigger, brighter future for yourself?

Mina Shah has spoken to over 1400 groups and strategically consulted over 180 business owners teaching them the skills and strategies necessary to achieve their personal best and excel in an ever-changing market. Her expertise comes from intentionally honing her craft of sales, marketing, leadership, and negotiation for over 15 years. The record-breaking result of this was leading herself and her teams to a #1 position in 2 different companies in 2 completely different industries. At the end of 2012, Mina left her dream job at Robbins to pursue her dream. In 2014 she launched mina meetings, to empower women around the globe with the mindset and the skill set to Know Their Value & Claim Their Worth – personally, professionally, and financially!

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