How Mike Kelly Built A Thriving Membership Platform While Traveling In An RV

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Mike Kelly from Member Vault.  Mike shares many unique insights as he shares about his life and business.  We talk about his experience running his business as they traveled down the west coast.  We also talk about how Member Vault has changed and evolved over time into the amazing platform it is today.  

A true role model for anyone looking to push their personal edge, and design their ideal lifestyle, Mike Kelly has lived a variety of lives from NYC hipster grabbing a coffee from the corner bodega, to flannel covered homesteading yurt dweller in the rural mountains of Southwest VA. He now calls the Pacific Northwest home, and is the co-founder of a SaaS course platform called Member Vault, alongside his wife and 1 year old son. While they are currently living the digital nomad life in a 30 ft RV, there is no doubt that’ll change again soon. He challenges everyone to find the thing that lights them up, and push those limits until you find the right fit for right now…knowing that it will change over time.

Member Vault is a platform that hosts all types of digital products including freebies, membership, courses, and ebooks.  Users are also able to sell their services like coaching. It gives you a way to do it all in one place.

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