A Middle Schooler's Guide to Time Travel with Mike Iskandar

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Today on the show we have Mike Iskandar. Mike is an educational consultant and he particularly works with middle school-aged children and helps them create emotional resilience.  He gives them a lot of the exercises and tools that I am only just now in these last few years of my life discovering and using to heal some of the wounds, traumas, and baggage that comes from growing up as a kid in middle school.

We have a really interesting conversation today about how to get kids opened up to these ideas that aren’t commonly taught in schools and there are a ton of parallels for all of you entrepreneurs, coaches, and marketers out there who are trying to get your message out and have an audience with a very tight attention span and if there is anybody with tight attention spans it has to be middle schools. If Mike can get them open to this, you can do anything.

We discuss:

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