Scaling Your Business Vision with Dr. Matt Shiver

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Today on the show we have Dr. Matt Shiver. He has earned the title doctor because he has a doctorate in physical therapy but these days he is much more of a physical therapist for businesses and their systems particularly helping coaches and entrepreneurs who are at the early six-figure mark scale beyond this. 

We talk a lot in this episode about the particular challenges that happen in scaling up from achieving maybe a 10K month consistently to really growing beyond that and what is necessary to do that as well as some of the things that Matt does to help business owners and visionaries really get clear on what they want so they can create a business that supports and uplifts them instead of gives them more work to do and stresses them out. This is an action-packed episode and I am very excited to share Matt with you because many of the things he is talking about we have been working on in my business.

We discuss:

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