Living the Long Game

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Today we are talking about the long run – the marathon. Something that I used to think starting this entrepreneurial journey and something that held me back from starting down this road for quite some time was this idea of starting this entrepreneurial journey and only focusing on the long run that I would be going through years and years of hell and poverty before things actually started working.  

If it’s not some bitcoin millionaire success story, it’s hoping that you get this one business idea that is a perfect bullseye right out of the gate and you become an overnight success.  We hear lots and lots of stories like that or at least stories that seem that way.  Our success is usually a result of spending a lot of time creating different businesses, testing lots of ideas, failing, developing a network, a skillset, and an understanding of the market that allows us to nail it. In this episode, we are going to talk about short game mistakes and how to focus on the long game.

We discuss:

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