4 Lessons Learned From My 32nd Year

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I have another solo episode for you today. I have been loving creating these solo episodes and there is definitely a call for more of them.  I have been doing this podcast for three years now and I can hardly believe that.  There have been a ton of interviews, heard from a ton of experts, and it has just been fun creating my own stuff and sharing my own voice and perspective. Many of these things are emerging and growing for me and it is really exciting to be able to share this process I am going through with you. 

Last weekend before recording this it was my birthday.  I also rented a new place on the big island of Hawaii and committed to staying here another six months.  I took a road trip, attended an event for entrepreneurs and leaders, and reflected on how incredible of a journey it has been. Looking back on this year of 32, I have four big lessons.

We discuss:

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