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Today on the show, we are going to have ME so to speak.  I am going to get out of the interviewer’s seat and get into the interviewee’s seat. I have an amazing guest interviewer in Kirsten Trammell from Evolved Podcasting. She has been a friend of mine for a while and is an excellent podcast host and producer.  

I wanted to share some more of the stories that happened behind the scenes of the podcast of what I am doing and what motivates me that I may not have fully expressed in my monologue or in the interviews where I am usually much more focused on my own guest. I thought that it was a cool opportunity to share some of my perspectives, my thoughts, what I find really exciting both throughout the history of the podcast and my career as an entrepreneur, and what I am seeing in the future.  There are lots of stories and perspectives and angles from my point of view that you probably haven’t heard from before.  This was an incredible interview that I had a great time with.

We discuss:

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