Magnetic Messaging Secrets To Grow Your Brand With Kristin Thomas

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At the beginning of this year in February, I put on a summit called The High Ticket Wellness Summit. It had thousands of attendees, dozens of speakers, and a ton of incredible information on how to grow a business, get your message out there and attract more customers. Of the dozens of speakers, there were a few talks that really stood out, made an impact on me, and that I thought were exceptionally valuable.  

One of the people that I have a huge admiration for in the health and wellness space because of her own story and her own health journey as well as the brilliance in how she shows up in her work is Kristin Thomas.  She was one of the first ones to be interviewed and it was for very good reason because she is absolutely incredible in how she does her messaging and she is an amazing teacher. She is getting new health coaches success all the time in her programs by just teaching them to communicate better on social media, emails, and wherever else they share their message. 

This talk is all about health and wellness entrepreneurs but even if you aren’t a health and wellness entrepreneur this information is still going to be able to have a big impact on your business especially if you are just getting started, going through a pivot, or if you have been at this a while and still don’t feel like you know what your message is.

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