Becoming Unbreakable In Your Body And Business With Kate Galiett

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Today on the show we have Kate Galiett. Kate is a health and fitness expert with a long and successful track record in helping people who are in a ton of pain in their bodies really reclaim their own power with simple applicable systems to start to increase their mobility, decrease their pain, and live a life that is truly unbreakable.

We are going to be exploring some of the things and problems that face a lot of entrepreneurs when they are working so hard and start to neglect their health. We are going to explore Kate’s own entrepreneurial journey and the challenges and transformations that she has overcome as a fitness and health expert. We will also learn a little bit more about her new book coming out which can really help serve as a first step to anybody that wants to get out of pain and start to really enjoy fitness and confidence in their daily lives.

We discuss:

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