The Gold in Your Gray Area Habits with Kari Schwear

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Today on the show we have Kari Schwear. Kari is an expert in helping coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders forge new identities that help them overcome past compulsions, addiction, and limiting beliefs and really break through to their ultimate potential.

Today we are both going to be talking about some of these “gray area” habits that aren’t so bad and aren’t a big problem but are holding you back from really living the life of your dreams. We are going to talk about the cure for these habits which is forging an identity, making a declaration, and believing in a vision of who you are that is the future version and ideal version of you. Kari has lots of great insights into exactly how to create this and I am excited to share them with you because a lot of these techniques are very near and dear to my heart and my work.

We discuss:

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