Measuring A Visionary’s Mindset with Justin Breen

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Today on the show we have Justin Breen. Justin is a PR expert for visionaries and is a master connector of people. He has a very unique system that he uses to assess people and understand people very early on in the conversations which allows him to make very interesting and insightful decisions. You are going to notice right away that Justin is a very unique character. He has a unique point of view and he is very straightforward and honest in his thinking and he is very frank. 

In this episode, he is going to break down that he is a specific type of entrepreneur using a score or a framework called the Kolbe Score. He alludes to me being a different archetype of an entrepreneur and several other entrepreneurs. He is going to go into detail about what the Kolbe Score is, how it applies to entrepreneurs, what makes a visionary, what defines a visionary, what are some of the biggest challenges that these entrepreneurs can face, and how he uses this knowledge of the Kolbe Score to make connections and fulfill his vision of leaving the world a better place by serving the very highest change makers. I hope you enjoy this very interesting and unique conversation with Justin.

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