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Today on the show we are talking with Josh Tapp, founder of the Pantheon mastermind, believes in gathering entrepreneurs to solve problems and make a real impact in the world. He curates rooms of like-minded individuals who can generate business and revenue together. By bringing together non-competing entrepreneurs who serve the same audience, they can cross-sell to each other’s clients and vertically integrate their businesses. This not only solves the lead generation problem but also expands their reach and allows them to tackle social issues together. Josh emphasizes the importance of genuine connection and recommends curating smaller rooms for virtual gatherings. He also highlights the power of in-person events and the impact of play in building trust and deepening relationships. The conversation focuses on the challenges and desires of legacy-based thought leaders, who are experienced entrepreneurs looking to leave a legacy and make a difference. The three main challenges they face are being tech-challenged, struggling to find the right audience for their message, and constantly creating new offers instead of focusing on a core strategy. The solutions to these challenges include getting tech support, finding the right people to hear their message, and gaining clarity and focus. The conversation also highlights the importance of connection, support, and being surrounded by the right people. The host shares personal experiences of facing these challenges and finding support in a mastermind group. The conversation ends with a call to stop trying to go it alone and to seek out collaboration and teamwork in entrepreneurship.

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