Know Your Niche and Finally Say No with Jenn Malecha

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Today on the show, we have a great friend of mine, Jenn Malecha. We had her on the podcast about a year or two ago.  We have done a lot of work together over this time.  I have been able to help out with some of her group coaching programs and we have collaborated on different platforms like Instagram, Clubhouse, and podcast stages.  She is consistently one of the most brilliant and professional people that I know in the space. I am so excited to have her on the podcast again to share some wisdom with you. 

Today we are going to be talking about two magic words… Know and No.  Know your niche. Know who you really want to talk to. This sounds like such a fundamental thing but consistently is one of the most important, essential, and overlooked aspects of what we see in both of our client bases. We are also talking about being able to say no. If you know what your niche is and what your strategy is then you are finally going to have the power to say no to a lot of the things that are draining your energy, holding back your business and profits, and the results that you want to create. 

We discuss:

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