Creating A Premium Experience In Group Programs With Jane Salgovitch

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On today’s episode, Jane Sagalovich is joining us. Many entrepreneurs and coaches I have met want to create a course, a group coaching program, or more one on one experiences, and most of the time they don’t ever try to combine these into one singular program.  What Jane does is help people scale their genius by combining elements of a good course, a good group coaching program, and a one-on-one coaching experience into something that is powerful, memorable, gets great results, and creates a premium experience for your clients.  We are going to dig into that on the interview today.  This is a very tactical, action-packed episode especially if you are looking to create an excellent program or raise the prices and improve an existing program.  

Jane is the founder of Scale Your Genius and she is on a mission to inspire and guide coaches, experts, and consultants towards reclaiming their time, building more wealth, and creating more impact. Over the past four years, Jane has helped hundreds of experts create their online courses and programs with clarity, confidence, and ease. As a result, they get to monetize their expertise in new ways, create additional income streams, and serve more clients without working more hours.

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