SEP Episode #302: The Power Of Leading By Being Enough With Massimo Backus

On this episode of the Story Engine podcast, we talk to Massimo Backus, author of the book ‘I Am Enough.’ Massimo shares his personal journey of transformation from being a ‘smart jerk’ to becoming a better leader through self-love. He discusses the myths and coping mechanisms we develop as children to navigate the world, and how these patterns can hinder our growth as adults. Massimo emphasizes the importance of learning to love ourselves and finding validation from within, rather than seeking external validation. He believes that our universal purpose in life is to learn to truly love ourselves and accept all aspects of who we are.

SEP Episode #301: Conversations That Connect

On this episode we discuss the importance of understanding the underlying question of ‘what is this conversation about?’ This question determines the course of the conversation and how everyone involved feels understood and respected. I emphasize that this concept applies not only to personal conversations but also to presentations, sales calls, and content creation. By addressing the ‘what is this about’ question, speakers can connect with their audience on a deeper level and achieve better results.

SEP Episode #300: The Moment That Inspired an Entrepreneurial Conference with Sam Anderson

On this episode Sam Anderson shares his journey as an entrepreneur and the various businesses he has built. He emphasizes the importance of taking action and providing value to customers. He also discusses his upcoming entrepreneur conference and the focus on actionable steps and building relationships. The conversation explores the themes of starting from the sidelines, finding a supportive community, and achieving success through hard work and dedication.

SEP Episode #299: The Peace and Power of Emotional Resilience with Anat Peri

Today on the show we are talking to Anat Peri is a somatic healer and inner child expert who helps coaches, healers, and therapists learn a proven method to get their clients deep results. She is passionate about helping people feel their feelings all the way through and freeing themselves from inherited beliefs and behaviors. Anat discusses how being in business or creating your own venture is a personal development journey that brings up emotions and challenges. She emphasizes the importance of learning to regulate our nervous system and feel our feelings in order to be effective leaders. Anat also shares her own journey of overcoming anxiety and finding alignment in her work.

SEP Episode #298: The Opportunity in Community with Josh Tapp

Today on the show we are talking with Josh Tapp, founder of the Pantheon mastermind, believes in gathering entrepreneurs to solve problems and make a real impact in the world. He curates rooms of like-minded individuals who can generate business and revenue together. By bringing together non-competing entrepreneurs who serve the same audience, they can cross-sell to each other’s clients and vertically integrate their businesses. This not only solves the lead generation problem but also expands their reach and allows them to tackle social issues together. Josh emphasizes the importance of genuine connection and recommends curating smaller rooms for virtual gatherings. He also highlights the power of in-person events and the impact of play in building trust and deepening relationships. The conversation focuses on the challenges and desires of legacy-based thought leaders, who are experienced entrepreneurs looking to leave a legacy and make a difference. The three main challenges they face are being tech-challenged, struggling to find the right audience for their message, and constantly creating new offers instead of focusing on a core strategy. The solutions to these challenges include getting tech support, finding the right people to hear their message, and gaining clarity and focus. The conversation also highlights the importance of connection, support, and being surrounded by the right people. The host shares personal experiences of facing these challenges and finding support in a mastermind group. The conversation ends with a call to stop trying to go it alone and to seek out collaboration and teamwork in entrepreneurship.

SEP Episode #297: Stand and Deliver with Dino Watt

Today on the show we are talking with Dino Watt, a speaker and coach, shares his expertise on creating engaging and impactful presentations. He emphasizes the importance of storytelling, interactive techniques, pattern interrupts, and frameworks to connect with audiences and make a lasting impact. Dino also discusses the need for speakers to narrow the scope of their talks and focus on the desired outcome, rather than overwhelming the audience with too much information. He introduces his Stand and Deliver Boot Camp, which helps speakers improve their enrollment and engagement skills, create congruence between their message and audience perception, and expand their offerings for greater monetization. Dino shares a personal story about finding his authentic voice on stage and the transformative impact it had on his business. In this conversation, Dino Watt discusses the importance of being positive and kind in his speaking engagements. He shares a moment when he realized that his delivery was coming across as mean and how that affected him. He also talks about the power of vulnerability and storytelling, using his own personal story of his first kiss at a junior high school dance to connect with his audience. Dino emphasizes the need to meet the audience where they are and to craft stories that address their specific roadblocks and limiting beliefs. He also highlights the importance of constantly evolving and being open to feedback.

SEP Episode #296: Becoming Wired for Wellness with Dr. Josh Sharpe

Today on the show we’re talking to Dr. Joshua Sharpe, a doctor of chiropractic, shares his journey of healing and personal development. He discusses how trauma and the accumulation of conditioning can affect our nervous system and limit our potential. Dr. Sharpe explains the connection between mindset and the body, and how his technique, network spinal analysis, helps individuals unwind trauma and create lasting change. He also highlights the importance of aligning our work with our authentic selves and the power of integrating mindset, energy, and business strategies. Dr. Sharpe’s book, Wired for Wellness, offers a root cause solution for health and wellness professionals facing burnout and seeking to make a bigger impact.

SEP Episode #295: The Golden Gift of Challenges with Zeahlot Lopez

Today on the show we have Zeahlot Lopez, a business mentor, shares her journey of faith and impact in the world. She emphasizes the importance of spiritual practices, such as meditation, and maintaining a clean diet to enhance clarity and understanding. Zeahlot helps women in business by guiding them to become the person who can make things happen and addressing unprocessed emotional wounds. She combines her background in psychology, spirituality, and business to provide a unique coaching experience. Zeahlot believes in effective communication and meeting clients where they are to facilitate growth and transformation. In this conversation, Zeahlot Lopez shares her insights on personal transformation and the impact it has on others. She emphasizes the importance of tapping into feminine flow and finding a balance between masculine and feminine energies. Zeahlot also discusses the significance of recognizing patterns and reflecting on personal experiences. She shares her journey of finding compassion and closure, and the uncomfortable process of healing. Zeahlot highlights the importance of balancing stress and gratitude, and the need to flow and flex like bamboo. She also explores the quest for alignment and purpose, and the joy of finding space and enjoying the present moment. Finally, Zeahlot discusses the power of storytelling in sharing one’s journey and embracing the ups and downs of life. 

SEP Episode #294: Becoming a Master: The Process of Teaching

In this episode, Kyle Gray discusses the art of teaching and how it shapes knowledge and improves skills. He shares his own experience of writing a book and how the process of teaching through writing helped him become more familiar with his ideas. Kyle emphasizes the importance of recognizing that you become a master through the process of teaching, not after achieving success. He also highlights the benefits of teaching, such as sharpening your thoughts, scaling your processes, and leaving a legacy of knowledge. Kyle encourages listeners to start teaching what they know to become true masters of their craft.

SEP Episode #293: Artists Journey

In this episode, Kyle Gray explores the concept of the artist’s journey as a natural progression of the hero’s journey. He shares a personal story about challenging himself to think five years into the future and how it led to a transformation in his own identity. Kyle discusses the power of inner story and how it impacts our mindset and actions. He emphasizes the importance of rewriting our own rules and overcoming self-doubt. Kyle also highlights the role of environment and the power of breaking mental patterns. He concludes by encouraging listeners to embark on their own artist’s journey and tap into their vision for a better world.