SEP Episode #265: Hidden Keys to High Ticket Coaching with Shannon Graham

Today on the show we have Shannon Graham returning for a second time. Shannon is a really inspiring figure in my life and one of the first people to open me up to the possibilities of very high ticket sales. Shannon loves to do sales of six figures or larger.

So today we are going to talk about exactly what it takes to create a six figure plus offer and how to lead and grow a business with your imagination and creativity rather than your own personal experience.

SEP Episode #264: Finding the Gold In Your Red Chair Moment with Chris Michel

Today on the show we have Chris Michel. Chris is the author of The Red Chair Experience and he defines a Red Chair Experience as a powerful moment in your life, usually painful that inspires a very big shift.

We are going to hear from Chris about the many Red Chair Experiences that have defined him in the last few years and the legacy that he is leaving because of it. He has an incredible story and this is going to be a great one for many different leaders who are facing challenges right now.

SEP Episode #263: 3 Silent Sales Killers and 3 Storytelling Solutions

Today on the show we are going to be talking about three silent sales killers that are holding you back from scaling your business from the low six figures to the high six or seven figures and really getting the results that you want from your team, experiencing the freedom that you sought out when you created your business and when you stepped into the role as the visionary.

These sales killers are some of the biggest problems I solve with my clients but the problem is that a lot of people that I work with aren’t aware of these problems until they start working with me which is exactly why I am creating this episode. I want to shed light on these sales killers and give you simple storytelling solutions so that you can fix them or maybe even stop them before they start in your business.

SEP Episode #262: Social Media Secrets of Big Brands with George Huff

Today on the show we have George Huff the founder of the Opal Marketing Software which is the software designed to answer the questions of what huge brands need to measure and do to be successful in social media.

Even if you aren’t the owner of a giant brand as big as Target there are a lot of timeless marketing nuggets in this episode as well as great stories and ideas from George.

SEP Episode #261: How to Make Your Executive Assistant Your Secret Weapon with Ethan Bull

Today on the show we have Ethan Bull. Ethan is one of the most experienced and effective executive assistants in the world and has now built a distributive team of executive assistants all over the country to serve many different visionaries at just the right capacity they need. Most visionaries don’t really know that it is possible to have a fractional assistant or know what’s possible when you have someone like this on your team.

We are going to talk about that today on the podcast with Ethan and we are going to get a lot of great information on how to be a better executive assistant and how to be a better principal or boss. So whether you want to be an executive assistant or would like an executive assistant in your world, this episode is going to be great for you.

SEP Episode #260: How to Win 32X More with Winback Marketing with Dan Pfister

Today on the show we have Dan Pfister. Dan is going to teach us the secrets of one of the most powerful forms of marketing sales and one of the most valuable opportunities that you have in your business which is winning back the customers that you have already converted.

This is the lowest-hanging fruit for almost everybody and can lead to incredible life-changing growth. We are going to talk to Dan about how to do that and what is possible with Winback Marketing.

SEP Episode #259: The Art of Magnetic Storytelling with Kylie Slavik

Today on the show we have Kylie Slavik. Kylie is an expert in helping big brands, authorities, and leaders create incredible stories and messaging in many different areas of their brand from emails to landing pages to ad campaigns. She is an expert in digital marketing and messaging.

We are going to hear her story and her evolution as a marketer going from a broke struggling healer to one of the leading authorities in the spiritual transformation space on storytelling. We are going to break down exactly what makes a magnetic story and magnetic storyteller in this episode.

SEP Episode #258: The Amazing Art of Naming with Alexandra Watkins

Today on the show we have Alexandra Watkins. Alexandra has my dream job which is a professional namer. People pay her top dollar to come up with clever, catchy, and memorable names that instantly make you smile.

We are going to break down some of the secrets of her process in this episode and learn a little bit more about how she sees her art beyond just naming. We also talk about how she lives a full life that is a brand and power essence of who she is and how she commands these very high value prices for her work.

SEP Episode #257: Mastering Yourself and AI with Brad Costanzo

Today on the show we have Brad Costanzo. Brad is somebody I really admire as an expert marketer that has been working in the digital marketing space for a very long time and has worked with some incredible leaders and brands.

In this episode, we really drop in on the power of storytelling and how it can influence your audience and attract your clients, but also how it can influence and transform you. We are going to hear some of Brad’s most transformative moments that have been created and worked through storytelling. We are also going to lay out a special framework that is going to help you get the most out of the AI tools that you are using or want to start using. It is going to make it a lot more accessible and approachable for you.

SEP Episode #256: How Can A Pilot Teach You To Be A Better Entrepreneur With Gabe Muller

Today on the show we have Gabe Muller. Gabe is a pilot and an EOS implementer. The EOS is the Entrepreneurial Operating System and is an incredible framework to help manage your business, set goals and communicate with your team. It can be very powerful and transformative to implement the EOS especially when you’re starting to get a larger organization beyond five or six people.

Gabe is also a passionate pilot, and has developed an incredible community of pilots and aviators and has a phenomenal event that we are going to hear about the special moments that come when you combine one area of your life that you’re passionate about and entrepreneurship.