The Story Engine

I’m here to help you grow your business with storytelling


Hi, I’m Kyle.

I help entrepreneurs create a powerful storyline for their business that drives sales, growth and engagement.

I take people through “The Scalable Storytelling Process”:

  • Discover – We find the most interesting aspects of your story.
  • Define – We get clear on how we want that story to be shared.
  • Delegate – We build a creative team you can have help telling your story.

Why do I wake up excited to help entrepreneurs like you every morning?

You must choose your own story

Entrepreneurs are storytellers. They have an ability to create a story out of nothing and grow it into something much bigger than themselves. Entrepreneurs or otherwise, too few of us are actually writing our own story, we let the world write it for us.

In a world with more noise than ever, our story is the key to separating ourselves from the hundreds if not thousands of competitors hungry for your audience’s attention. If all you can do to beat your competition is by offering a lower price, you’ll go broke in no time.

But despite all the noise and competition, people are still starving for something better. A human connection. People buy from other people, and not just anyone, someone who shares their values, their vision and their pain and who wants to serve them for better reasons than just “profit”.

Your story is the foundation for the human connection with your audience, and it is your ultimate competitive advantage. A story is something that can’t be copied, discounted or manufactured.


Marketing should empower and inspire

Of all the career paths I imagined my life taking me, I never would have guessed “marketer”. In truth I’ve always found myself sensitive to much of the advertising that we experience. I’ve ad blocking installed on my browser, I turn down the radio during the commercials, and I can’t stand pop ups.

One day in the middle of a long road trip a friend started to tease me as I winced at a radio ad for car insurance that opened with the sound of a police siren. “Making a commercial like that should be illegal!” I blurted out before I realized it. The confused look on my co-pilot begged for some explanation.

“That commercial tried used that siren sound to play on my fear and get my attention. All these commercials always try to manipulate our fear or insecurity to get us to buy more stuff! There’s got to be a better way to get your message out than by making people feel like shit!”

I don’t believe marketing has to make people feel afraid or inadequate to get results. You can get much better results building trust instead of anxiety in your audience by educating and empowering them instead of just trying to “persuade them”.

Content marketing is the answer. I love it because it’s about teaching, empowering, serving your audience. It’s about building a relationship with them and being generous with your skills and wisdom. I’m in this to help people with a powerful message to share that leaves people better than before.

Find passion (and profit) in the process

When I was younger, I thought the only way I was going to live a happy life was by being a songwriter. I imagined myself writing lyrics that would inspire people and melodies that would echo in the hearts and minds of my listeners.

But this great vision for my life became a distraction. As I practiced I became obsessed with writing the next “great hit” right now. Instead of enjoying the process of practice, study and patience that comes with mastering an art, I became fixated on the end result. Slowly, I suffocated my passion for music.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to be results oriented, though it’s an essential quality for success it can distract us in the same way I was distracted. Too rarely do we take the time to examine and plan the everyday processes of our business, but this actually limits our ability to grow and scale.

I believe by mastering and studying the “process” of your business is the best way to create a business that works for you, not the other way around. That’s why everything I do in my business and with my clients has a process. It allows you to delegate successfully and ensures that work gets done in a consistent way.

Entrepreneurs are meant to blaze trails and tell a big story, not manage the repetitive “day to day” tasks of a business. Understanding process is the key to freeing up more time and mental energy to find growth opportunities, solve new problems and writing a better story for your life and your business.