Behind The Scenes – Hack The Entrepreneur Interview

I was recently featured on Jon Nastor’s podcast “Hack The Entrepreneur”. In Jon’s show we go in depth about mindset, strategy and day-to-day life as an entrepreneur.

One thing I have gotten a lot of questions about since this post was published is “What did you do to connect with Jon?” Early in the episode Jon commented on my unique outreach strategy that I used to get in contact with him.

I didn’t have any previous contact with Jon, so I used a cold outreach strategy I have been developing over the past few months. One highlight is I put together a landing page to send to podcast hosts (check it out here).

This page is designed to present myself in an energetic and professional way. I have a short video that explains why I’m a great fit and gives the host a chance to listen to me. This in many ways is an audition. I include some of my background and popular topics I speak on, as well as past podcasts I’ve been on so they can see me in action.

I learned a lot of this from Advance Your Reach and their strategies for building great speaker pages. I just adapted mine for podcasts specifically.

Check out the interview and landing page; feel free to adopt the strategy for your own outreach.