The Wisdom of Your Ideal Worst Day with George Bryant

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Today on the show we have George Bryant. This has been one of my favorite interviews of the last couple of months. George is an excellent guest. He has a ton of experience being an influencer in the health space for a long time and he has grown many different six and seven-figure companies and simultaneously is a world-class coach and somehow does this all in just a few hours a day to make plenty of time for his family.

It wasn’t exactly an easy road to get here and he has a ton of stories to share about how that process has gone. George has a ton of gems to share about facing your fears, your hardest moments, and really leaning into the resistance. We are going to dive into a particularly interesting idea he has about how to define your ideal worst day. What are the baseline things that you can do if you can do these things even on your worst day then you still will be making progress toward your goals? We are going to explore what that looks like on the podcast today.

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