Alchemy Secrets for Turning Your Community Into Gold with Dov Gordon

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On today’s episode, we have Dov Gordon. Dov is the “practical alchemist.”  He has been creating powerful communities and building a thriving business around these relationships that he creates in these communities.  He is a community builder and tribe creator.

Dov Gordon is known as “The Alchemist Entrepreneur.” He helps consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs develop a consistent flow of their ideal clients.  Dov has been helping experts and entrepreneurs whip their marketing into shape.  Relying on fundamental psychological principles, he teaches simplicity over complexity with a discerning eye, delivering high value. 

Today we are going to explore his wisdom for how he creates communities and how he uses them to build and develop relationships that become not only profitable customers but close friends and allies in your business journey.  There is a ton of value that Dov has to share and he is one of the most powerful people I have met in the last couple of months. 

We discuss:

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