Stand and Deliver with Dino Watt

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Today on the show we are talking with Dino Watt, a speaker and coach, shares his expertise on creating engaging and impactful presentations. He emphasizes the importance of storytelling, interactive techniques, pattern interrupts, and frameworks to connect with audiences and make a lasting impact. Dino also discusses the need for speakers to narrow the scope of their talks and focus on the desired outcome, rather than overwhelming the audience with too much information. He introduces his Stand and Deliver Boot Camp, which helps speakers improve their enrollment and engagement skills, create congruence between their message and audience perception, and expand their offerings for greater monetization. Dino shares a personal story about finding his authentic voice on stage and the transformative impact it had on his business. In this conversation, Dino Watt discusses the importance of being positive and kind in his speaking engagements. He shares a moment when he realized that his delivery was coming across as mean and how that affected him. He also talks about the power of vulnerability and storytelling, using his own personal story of his first kiss at a junior high school dance to connect with his audience. Dino emphasizes the need to meet the audience where they are and to craft stories that address their specific roadblocks and limiting beliefs. He also highlights the importance of constantly evolving and being open to feedback.

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