How David Henzel Scales His Business With His Values and Vision

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On today’s episode, I am talking to David Henzel. David is a serial entrepreneur that has created, bought, or sold over a dozen companies. He has a lot of different businesses under his belt. What is so exciting about it is that he has developed really great systems to allow him to create a business that operates without him, but knowing that the decisions and the frameworks that he embeds into the business will stay there.  This is all about being very clear on your values and your vision. 

David doesn’t just have clarity in business, he also has clarity on his values and vision for his relationship with himself and as a father. He uses these same entrepreneurial systems in every area of his life to great success. We are going to learn a little bit about his philosophy in this episode and learn how he does and facilitates better group coaching with his software product, Up Coach.

We discuss:

  • [02:27] David shares about his defining moment. His yoga teacher told him that every decision of life is either made of love or fear.
  • [04:22] When he knows what he has is really good and someone needs it, he is acting out of love to share it with others. It is much easier to sell out of love than fear.
  • [07:44] One of his core values is to deliver value and enrich the lives of all those he comes in touch with.
  • [08:09] He is still a sounding board in his businesses, but not part of day to day operation.
  • [09:56] He learned from prior experience that it is crucial to be clear on your mission and vision. He also has a personal mission, vision, and family core values.
  • [11:01] He even recommends talking about roles and responsibilities in relationships.
  • [13:12] A low percentage of people that signed up for the course completed the course, so he pivoted to group coaching because getting the message out was the most important goal.
  • [13:38] The completion rate from his group coaching is 94% versus 7% from his online course.
  • [14:26] David’s mission is to build his group coaching platform to empower thousands of coaches to help millions of people succeed.
  • [16:21] One key thing is to have a strong mission, vision, and values. This allows people in the organization to make decisions in the way that he would make the decisions.
  • [18:08] Build a really good culture, repeatable processes and then you can empower them and let them on their own.
  • [20:46] David shares how he overcame being introverted.
  • [21:17] When he meets new people he is always excited to get to know them and see how he can provide value to them.
  • [22:31] The more connected you are with entrepreneurs the more fortitude and trust you need to have in yourself and what your doing because we get exposed to many shiny options.
  • [22:53] Having our mission and values is so good because it gives a framework to make decisions.
  • [23:16] David recommends the funeral exercise to help you become clear and dig up your true vision.
  • [23:40] David always plans his week to help him stay focused. He works on important tasks from his 90-day goals rather than the urgent and looks at the roles he has in his life.
  • [24:30] Imagine you only had four hours to work on work this week, what would you be focusing on?
  • [26:33] The powerful thing about group coaching is that you also learn from your peers not just from the coach. The real magic is when the group members are able to help each other.
  • [28:14] They have group habit trackers that help them provide accountability and positive peer pressure.
  • [31:04] They use very similar transparency tools in his business with Level Ten meetings.
  • [32:30] Having transparency within and being able to show everybody where you are going next is one of the most crucial aspects.
  • [35:29] He wanted to make his group coaching so solid, self-explanatory, and automated so that somebody that went through the course once could create their own group and teach the concepts to their group.

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