How A Proprietary Process Transformed Daniel Lamb’s Business

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On today’s episode, I am talking to Daniel Lamb. Daniel Lamb is the founder of Holland Creative, a content marketing, and copywriting agency. He helps people create content-driven funnels that make a big impact on their business. We are going to talk about how Daniel works with his clients today, but there is also a little extra magic happening on this episode.  

Daniel and I have worked together on creating a proprietary process for his business and his agency which has transformed how he communicates with his clients from everything from the ultimate value they should expect. Just shifting his communication on how he gets results for his customers through this process training has transformed his business in many ways. He is having clients renew with him for four to five times the amount they invested in him before. He’s having many more people interested and excited to work with him and they are focused on the value he delivers and having him as a trusted advisor.  

I am excited to share Daniel and his story with you on the podcast. In this episode, we talk about how a proprietary process can transform your business and lead to explosive growth. We also share specific steps you can start taking today to see better communication and results with your clients.  

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