The Power of Compound Marketing with Dan Norris

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Dan Norris.  Dan is the kung fu master that taught me a lot of the foundational writing, creation, and storytelling skills that are the foundation for this podcast, my books, and a lot of the work I do.  It is very exciting to have him on the show.  Dan continues to be a prolific creator at WP Curve and we get to hear about his WP Curve origin story and life since the startup.  He is still applying many of the same marketing strategies he used to grow the startup in many different areas with lots of different successes.  

Dan Norris is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning content marketer, international speaker, and the author of 5 (soon to be 6) number 1 Amazon best-selling business books. In June 2013 after failing at entrepreneurship for 7 years, he founded, a worldwide team of WordPress developers, providing unlimited small fixes and support, 24 / 7 for a low monthly fee. After becoming profitable in 23 days, WP Curve grew to a team of 40, 850+ customers and passed an annual run rate of over $1m AUD within 2 years and a year later was sold to GoDaddy. 

Dan currently works full time as the Co-founder and CEO of one of Australia’s fastest-growing craft beer breweries, Black Hops Brewing. In 2015 Black Hops brewed the world’s first beer for the biggest entertainment franchise on earth, Call of Duty. In 2018 Black Hops was voted Australia’s Champion Small Brewery at the AIBA awards, Australia’s number 1 beer competition.

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