A Process For Automating Content Research

Content marketing is a very time intensive art. It can be difficult for one single person to manage an entire content pipeline and produce high-quality content consistently. It is possible to outsource some of the elements of content marketing to free up more time to focus on what you do best.

This process makes it easy to outsource content research and find trending topics and conversations based on keywords relevant to your industry.

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I’ll include links at the bottom of this post that you can use to download and use these processes right away. There’s also a video tutorial you can share with your assistant to help them understand and use this process.

The template

This is the document where your assistant will collect all of the links and information they find while following the process.

All you will have to do is fill in the keyword that you want them to search for and a date range. The date range will filter some of the searches your assistant does, so you can filter out old content that may be out of date.


Once you have chosen your keyword and the date range all you need to do is send this document with the process to your assistant and have them start researching.

The process

Your assistant can use this process to search through Reddit, BuzzSumo, Amazon, Quora and the iTunes store podcast section to find relevant articles and ideas for content.




Here’s what you’ll get from each site:

  • Reddit – The top 4 threads related to the keyword with the highest up votes and comment counts. As well as links to related subreddits from the top thread, this will be a source for new keywords and related topics.
  • Buzzsumo – The top 4 articles related to that keyword with their social share counts.
  • Quora – The top questions related to your keyword, the bios of the most viewed writers who have answered questions on the topic, and their most popular answer to questions on that topic.
  • Amazon – The top 5 books related to your keyword and screenshots of their tables of contents.
  • Podcasts – The top 5 most popular podcast episodes related to the keyword, and three podcast shows that are related to the keyword.

Rinse and repeat

You can use the template to research multiple keywords simultaneously and start collecting information for a great deal of different topics.

It will be up to you to comb through the articles and find the most useful content and decide how you will use it. But having it all in one place and organized based on a keyword should make the process much easier.

Video tutorial

The process should be simple and easy for anyone to use. But to make things easier here is a video tutorial that should help your assistant understand and carry out this process quickly.

Try it out!

Below are the links to the process. Try them out and let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions to improve these processes please let me know.

Trending topics template

Trending topics process

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