SEP Episode #233: When is the Right Time to Create a New Keynote or Presentation

Today we are going to be answering a very important question. Should we create a new keynote speech or signature talk? There are certain crossroads at every entrepreneur’s, coach’s, and visionary’s journey where this may or may not be necessary. It takes a lot of energy to create a new presentation to spill your thoughts down to something you can use reliably in about 30-45 minutes over and over again to be a high-converting tool.

There is a certain lifespan to a good presentation or keynote and many great coaches, visionaries, and leaders are not quite aware of this lifespan. I am going to break down four different key moments when it is time to decide if you should create a new presentation.

SEP Episode #232: How I Helped a Client Create 17 YouTube Videos in One Day

Today I am going to tell you how I helped a client of mine create 17 YouTube videos in one day. So what does it take to create over four months of content in a single day and how would it feel knowing that is all scheduled out and planned for you? Sure sounds nice, right?

Where would you even start? For most, the idea of sitting in front of a camera for a few hours to create, talk, and share your knowledge is both intimidating and overwhelming. Content takes time! But with the right help and strategy, it can happen. Listen in to hear what we did!

SEP Episode #230: 4 Ways You’re Leaving Your Best Stories and Money on the Table

We are going to be going over some hard truths today. It may not feel good to hear but once you know about them you will be better off. We are going to be talking about ways you are leaving money on the table, blindspots in your marketing, sales, and communication that are keeping you from getting as good of results as you could.

The problem of having your best, most useful stories hidden in plain sight impacts leaders at every level of success whether you are just starting out and crafting your offer for the first time or you have been doing this for a long time and you have really good systems and ways of doing things. No matter what stage of your career you are in means missing out on these stories and leaving money and impact on the table. Discovering the right stories to tell and finding these stories that are hidden in plain sight is one of my favorite things to help my clients with. Over the course of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders to craft stories that get results I have started to notice some common roadblocks that keep people from recalling these great powerful stories that they can use right away. So let’s dig into the 4 story blindspots.

SEP Episode #229: Why Your Origin Story is Not Enough

Today on the show we are going to be talking about one of my favorite topics – origin stories but there is a twist. We are going to be talking about why your origin story is not enough. Not enough to succeed, not enough to carry your message to the goals you want to achieve. An origin story is usually 3-10 minutes long and is used to introduce yourself to the audience, create a connection and trust with them, and set you apart from your competition right off the bat.

These stories are memorable and have a cinematic feel to them and everybody wants to have one. These are also one of my favorite kinds of stories to work with people on. I love seeing how people light up when they get clear on this story and they are excited to share it. So much opportunity opens up for them. They are so thrilled to put the story into action. They feel a sense of completion but really there is a whole new world to explore. A good origin story is not the end or the entirety of your storytelling journey. It is just the beginning.

SEP Episode #228: How to Use Storytelling to Predict Your Future

Today on the show we are going to be talking about how to use storytelling to predict the future. It is a brand new year at the recording of this episode and I am hearing lots of people trashing New Year’s resolutions. They talk about them like New Year’s resolutions are the mean teacher that would scold them in class when they were a bad kid. I think people hate New Year’s resolutions because 99% of the time they are based on whatever inadequacies or insecurities you are feeling right around the new year. It is always based on something bad about yourself.

Over the last few years, I found something to replace New Year’s resolutions that is more effective and more successful. It even feels good. Listen in to hear all about it!

SEP Episode #216: Entrepreneurship Lessons From A 14 Day Diet

I am just completing a 14-day cleanse diet. What I eat is not usually a topic of the podcast but it was a challenging 14 days and through those challenges, some interesting insights have risen to the surface that I would like to share today on the podcast.

I wasn’t doing this to lose weight. I was on a diet to clean out different bacteria and creatures living inside my digestive system. By eating clean, removing sugar, removing a lot of carbohydrates, and taking a certain set of herbs I was cleaning up my insides so I could feel healthier, more energetic, have better focus, and more energy. Your digestive system has a very big impact on your mind and how you feel.

SEP Episode #215: 3 Lessons in Entrepreneurship Taught By Burning Man

I recently returned from my first visit to the famous and infamous Burning Man. It is a big event and festival in the desert. It is something I have been familiar with for a long time but was never fully open to committing to the time of at least seven days out in the desert, not to mention traveling. For years I wrote it off but there is a lot more to it than I thought that creates this unforgettable experience.

It is an experience I will never forget and I would do it again. I have been back for a few weeks and I have been reflecting on the experience for me and I have taken away a few lessons from Burning Man that I think would be useful for this audience of coaches, entrepreneurs, and visionaries that listen to this podcast. It will be useful for you whether or not you have been to Burning Man or ever intend to go.

SEP Episode #201: How to Use Audio Messages for Outreach and Growth

Today I have a simple, easy four-step system that you can use to create great audio messages and voice notes for your outreach. A lot of people are holding back from using audio messages or voice notes. Whether you have an established business or even a small empire of teams and companies working for you one of your most crucial skills is going to be cultivating and maintaining high-quality relationships that can advance you.

One of the most powerful ways that I am able to consistently cultivate and reach out and create new relationships so there are always new opportunities my way, comes from having a nice consistent process of reaching out to people and always drumming up new opportunities. One of my favorite ways to do that is by sending good voice notes.

SEP Episode #199: 10 Red Flags to Watch For in Clients

Today we are diving back into one of my favorite subjects to explore on this show which is your clients, more importantly, your ideal clients. Today we are going to talk about what to look for as red flags in non-ideal clients that you need to watch out for in your sales process. One of the fastest ways to run your business into the ground is to take on clients who are bad fits for your program, who don’t appreciate the value, are going to tax your energy, and take it away from clients who really could benefit from it.

A lot of people, especially early on, try to get anybody who will pay for it there. It is exciting to make a sale but sometimes you overlook what is possibly a red flag in the sales process that comes up and bites you later on. Today I am going to share some common red flags that you can watch out for in new or current clients to give you a better idea of what exactly you should say no to and hold your boundaries on for the sake of serving the clients that really can benefit from what you have to offer.

SEP Episode #198: Lessons Learned from My 33rd Year

I just recently celebrated my birthday and turned 34 years old. Around the time of my birthday, I like to take some time to reflect on the year that I just experienced and the biggest things I have learned, and what I am grateful for. I have just been going through the process and wanted to share some of the highlight lessons of this year.