SEP Episode #199: 10 Red Flags to Watch For in Clients

Today we are diving back into one of my favorite subjects to explore on this show which is your clients, more importantly, your ideal clients. Today we are going to talk about what to look for as red flags in non-ideal clients that you need to watch out for in your sales process. One of the fastest ways to run your business into the ground is to take on clients who are bad fits for your program, who don’t appreciate the value, are going to tax your energy, and take it away from clients who really could benefit from it.

A lot of people, especially early on, try to get anybody who will pay for it there. It is exciting to make a sale but sometimes you overlook what is possibly a red flag in the sales process that comes up and bites you later on. Today I am going to share some common red flags that you can watch out for in new or current clients to give you a better idea of what exactly you should say no to and hold your boundaries on for the sake of serving the clients that really can benefit from what you have to offer.

SEP Episode #198: Lessons Learned from My 33rd Year

I just recently celebrated my birthday and turned 34 years old. Around the time of my birthday, I like to take some time to reflect on the year that I just experienced and the biggest things I have learned, and what I am grateful for. I have just been going through the process and wanted to share some of the highlight lessons of this year.

SEP Episode #196: The Big Fish in a Little Niche

Today we are going to be talking about the big fish in a little niche problem that many coaches and entrepreneurs out there are facing. It is one of those problems that is a little bit invisible.

SEP Episode #195: How Your Secret Value Makes You One of a Kind

Today we are going to be talking about your secret value. We will explore what your secret value is and how you use it in your business to make what you do one-of-a-kind. I will also share more about how I am using this in my life and in my business by finding new ways to add value and create one-of-a-kind results and experiences for my clients.

SEP Episode #194: Ten Years of Entrepreneurship

It has been ten years since I first started out on my entrepreneurial journey. Which brings the question – When do you really become an entrepreneur? That is something that I want to explore with you today and share the three most profound lessons that I have learned over these last ten years that might help you on your journey.

SEP Episode #193: 5 Side Benefits to Having a Great Talk

Recently I have been taking a group of entrepreneurs and coaches through a month-long process of creating a signature talk. One of the things that I asked them at the end of our 4 weeks together – What were some of the side benefits that working on this talk provided for you and your business? I got a lot of interesting insights that I wanted to share with you today to celebrate the success of some of these students and to really give you an idea of everything that you can benefit from when it comes to having a good signature talk that you can rely on, give anywhere and that you know is set up to attract your ideal clients.

SEP Episode #191: 8 Ways to Spice Up Your Storytelling

Today we are talking about my favorite topic… Storytelling! We are going to talk about simple techniques that we can use to weave into any story to make a bigger impact. It is a funny thing that as much as we talk about our businesses and expertise and immerse ourselves we are not always great at sharing the stories and inspirations that really make up the soul of our business.

By using these simple tips, strategies, and frameworks you are going to start really communicating your story in a way that is going to have an impact and get people leaning in and wanting to learn more from you. This is a sample of content that I have been creating in my Story Pro course for my group workshop and I hope you enjoy it.

SEP Episode #190: The Anatomy of a High Converting Talk

Today we are going to talk about the anatomy of a high converting presentation. Before I dive into that I want to share that I have started up a group program called Story Pro. Over the course of a month, we are going to be creating a high-converting signature talk.

This is a high-level view of what a great presentation is and is made up of. In this episode, I will give you an idea of what a high-converting presentation does and give you a sample of what it is like to be in Story Pro. This is going to be action-packed and jam-packed with good information that will change how you think about a presentation forever.

SEP Episode #189: 10 Simple Strategies to Get More Speaking Opportunities

Today we are going to be talking about one of the biggest questions I get on the podcast, or with my audience, or some of the people I work with. “I have got a speech and a message. I just don’t have any speaking opportunities, where do I go to look for speaking opportunities?”  

When you learn to see the world in a certain way you’re going to find that there are speaking opportunities and audiences that are excited to hear your message everywhere. So some of the strategies and ideas we are going to explore today are going to help you get more speaking opportunities because that is the real fuel to the fire. So we have 10 strategies to help you get more speaking opportunities.

SEP Episode #187: How to Shift Beliefs and Create Customers

Today on the show we are going to be talking about belief shifting. This is a certain technique that we use while we teach in order to open people up to new possibilities and get them to imagine working with us. Simply teaching how to all the time when you’re presenting or creating content does add value but it doesn’t always inform a decision. Another thing about teaching how to is there is a challenge standing out from the crowd. It is likely that there are thousands of others just like you with a similar offer, price, and process. What we need to do to differentiate ourselves from them is not teaching all the how-to that goes into all of the same things that we are doing as our competition but really taking a stand in what we believe and what we stand for and accentuating that as we teach. We want to stand for or against certain beliefs or certain perspectives.  

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about how to identify the beliefs. Then we will talk about a simple five-step process that you can use to build teaching into your content that is going to belief shift and open them up to new possibilities of working with you. Finally, we will go through three simple examples of beliefs and how we apply the process to each of them.


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