Video Podcasts

SEP Episode #59: Create an Addictive Online Course with Off-the-Charts Student Results with Expert Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa Murgatroyd is an expert at creating amazing online courses and other learning experiences that are enlightening, empowering, and are successful. Many students do not make their way through these courses and drop off before they’re even over. 

Creating these not very gratifying experiences. I know I’ve done it many times with many different courses I’ve invested in. Marisa is going to tell us about several different kinds of experiences that we can build into our online courses and education platforms that will make the learning more fun, interesting, and dramatically increase the success rate of our students.

SEP Episode #58: Magic Words That Can Change Your Life With Mark England

On this episode of The Story Engine Podcast, I interview Mark England Live! Mark runs Procabulary, a business which creates fun, easy to use tools that help you achieve victory over things such as procrastination, distraction and self-doubt.

Today we talk about how the way we speak influences everything we do and how evolving your speech can transform your life in profound ways. 

SEP Episode #57: The Power Of Deliberate And Deviant Living With Dallas Hartwig

Today on the show we have the self described “pragmatic, scientific explorer” and cofounder of Whole30, Dallas Hartwig. 

Dallas speaks to us today (on video!) about the developmental process of the Whole30 lifestyle and how through the exploration of self, and identifying the places in your own life that keep you from feeling good, you can grow to new heights in both life and business.