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SEP Episode #302: The Power Of Leading By Being Enough With Massimo Backus

On this episode of the Story Engine podcast, we talk to Massimo Backus, author of the book ‘I Am Enough.’ Massimo shares his personal journey of transformation from being a ‘smart jerk’ to becoming a better leader through self-love. He discusses the myths and coping mechanisms we develop as children to navigate the world, and how these patterns can hinder our growth as adults. Massimo emphasizes the importance of learning to love ourselves and finding validation from within, rather than seeking external validation. He believes that our universal purpose in life is to learn to truly love ourselves and accept all aspects of who we are.

SEP Episode #301: Conversations That Connect

On this episode we discuss the importance of understanding the underlying question of ‘what is this conversation about?’ This question determines the course of the conversation and how everyone involved feels understood and respected. I emphasize that this concept applies not only to personal conversations but also to presentations, sales calls, and content creation. By addressing the ‘what is this about’ question, speakers can connect with their audience on a deeper level and achieve better results.

SEP Episode #294: Becoming a Master: The Process of Teaching

In this episode, Kyle Gray discusses the art of teaching and how it shapes knowledge and improves skills. He shares his own experience of writing a book and how the process of teaching through writing helped him become more familiar with his ideas. Kyle emphasizes the importance of recognizing that you become a master through the process of teaching, not after achieving success. He also highlights the benefits of teaching, such as sharpening your thoughts, scaling your processes, and leaving a legacy of knowledge. Kyle encourages listeners to start teaching what they know to become true masters of their craft.

SEP Episode #293: Artists Journey

In this episode, Kyle Gray explores the concept of the artist’s journey as a natural progression of the hero’s journey. He shares a personal story about challenging himself to think five years into the future and how it led to a transformation in his own identity. Kyle discusses the power of inner story and how it impacts our mindset and actions. He emphasizes the importance of rewriting our own rules and overcoming self-doubt. Kyle also highlights the role of environment and the power of breaking mental patterns. He concludes by encouraging listeners to embark on their own artist’s journey and tap into their vision for a better world.

SEP Episode #292: The Authority Paradox

The authority paradox is the more you try to prove your credibility, the less credible you appear. Proving credibility often involves teaching as much as possible and listing certifications, but this can be distracting and overwhelming for the audience. Focusing on yourself instead of your audience hurts your connection with them. Instead of teaching all the details, focus on shifting belief patterns. Teaching to shift beliefs requires empathy and understanding of your clients. Using client stories and strategizing what to teach can inspire action and create credibility.

SEP Episode #284: Reinventing The Story Engine Podcast – A New Format Moving Forward

Today we are going to be talking about the future of The Story Engine Podcast. I have been running this show for over four years. We are approaching 300 episodes which is an amazing achievement. One of my favorite things about this podcast is that it has created a platform for me to connect with and learn from some of the most brilliant people in the world and I have loved being able to showcase their expertise, their story, and their values.

I have always been somebody that is really driven by a desire to learn and discover and this podcast has been the absolute perfect place for that. I am grateful for it because I feel like I have gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of coaching that has shaped my work and my creations. I have been inspired to change the format of this podcast for the very first time and today I am going to introduce what that new format is for you and share where I think this podcast is going in the future.

SEP Episode #280: 2023 Year in Review

Today I am excited to share my year in review. 2023 has come to a close somewhat like the movie The Empire Strikes Back for me. It is cautiously and hopefully optimistic after a wild adventure where very little that the protagonists planned actually went to plan but they make it out mostly in one piece and wiser and stronger for the experience. It does set the stage for the bigger victory in the next movie.

With me, it wasn’t the happiest or easiest year but I do hope what I have learned and what I have gone through will set the stage for something even bigger and even more exciting in 2024. I want to share some of these insights and reflections as they might be helpful for you to understand my mindset and use them in your own story.

SEP Episode #273: The Magic of a Mastermind

Today on the show coming up I have a really exciting offer to share with you. Since this is The Story Engine, I want to share a story about one of my origins as an entrepreneur nearly ten years ago, my first opportunity to engage with entrepreneurship, The Foundry. In this episode, I share the key components and the huge impact a mastermind can make in your life and your business.

SEP Episode #266: 4 Ingredients for More Presence in Your Storytelling

Today on the show we are going to be talking about 4 ingredients for more presence in your storytelling. Presence is the hidden magic between your words, the tone, and the rhythm and mastery that inspires trust. It conveys the energy and the passion that you have and you feel before you even start speaking and it is the subtle ability to make your audience feel that same energy.

SEP Episode #263: 3 Silent Sales Killers and 3 Storytelling Solutions

Today on the show we are going to be talking about three silent sales killers that are holding you back from scaling your business from the low six figures to the high six or seven figures and really getting the results that you want from your team, experiencing the freedom that you sought out when you created your business and when you stepped into the role as the visionary.

These sales killers are some of the biggest problems I solve with my clients but the problem is that a lot of people that I work with aren’t aware of these problems until they start working with me which is exactly why I am creating this episode. I want to shed light on these sales killers and give you simple storytelling solutions so that you can fix them or maybe even stop them before they start in your business.