SEP Episode #200: Building a Heart Centered Culture with Mike Bledsoe

Today on the show we are going to have a throwback episode. This podcast is several years old and there have been many highlight conversations that have changed my perspective on the world, business, and so much more. Some of the most impactful episodes have been my video podcast episodes.

Today I want to bring one of those back and be able to share the possibility of an amazing audio conversation as well as some high-quality video if you are interested. Today we are going to be talking with my good friend Mike Bledsoe about how to create a company culture that is heart centered and supports, uplifts you, and allows you to do your very best work.

SEP Episode #197: Zion Kim’s Secrets to Creating a Business That Serves You

Today on the show we have Zion Kim. Zion runs a portfolio of many different businesses and agencies all dedicated to helping entrepreneurs have a business that really serves them and frees them up to be in their best zone of genius and best self. This is a problem or solution that he has dedicated himself to because he has also dedicated himself to this practice in his own entrepreneurial journey. We are going to hear many stories of the tough choices that he made in order to create a business that serves him.

We are going to learn that sometimes you can grow a business and create a lot of success but it is not exactly the success that you ultimately wanted to create. Zion is going to talk about how to avoid a lot of those pitfalls of the success that you don’t want to create and what to do to reorient your business so that it serves you, lights you up, and allows you to be at your very best. He brings a really big heart to this space that the world needs to see more of in many different leaders.

SEP Episode #192: The 80-20 Ecommerce Marketing Playbook with Adam Moody

Today we are talking about 80-20 Ecommerce marketing, particularly email marketing and we are going to be chatting about that with an expert in the field, Adam Moody. Adam just recently released The 80-20 Ecommerce Marketing Playbook which is a small, very highly distilled book with the essentials for what you need to really grow and scale an Ecommerce business in 2022.

We are going to be breaking down a lot of the details of what it takes to run a great Ecommerce business so if you want to improve your emails, conversion rates, and SEO then this is going to be a highly tactical great episode for you and I recommend checking out the book as well.

SEP Episode #188: 3 Steps to Better Branding with Jessica Pantermuehl

Today on the show we have Jessica Pantermuehl. Jessica is an expert in branding and design and helps hundreds of health coaches and health experts get clear on their branding and be consistent in their messaging and visuals across all of their platforms.

Today on the podcast we are going to discuss 3 of the simplest most basic steps that you need to really start improving and enhancing your brand. This is going to go a lot deeper than just choosing a couple of colors. Of course, we want to choose colors and a logo but we are going to go deep into how do we actually make those choices, what information do we need to develop and design a brand that is going to help us be successful and attract the right kinds of customers. Lots of great stuff to cover today.

SEP Episode #185: How One Thought Can Change Your Life with Sean Osborn

Today on the show we have Sean Osborn from Thinking Big Coaching. Sean is an expert throughout many different stories that we are going to hear in his life about making that key decision that changes the direction of your life and how to navigate the challenges that come up when you make that kind of powerful decision.

We’ve got a lot of great stories to hear. We’ve got some very simple tactical and practical ways to start thinking bigger in your life and how you can apply some of this bigger thinking to your messaging with your clients.


SEP Episode #184: How to Grow Your Business with Extraordinary Moments with Michael Griffiths

Today on the show we have Michael Griffiths. With Michael, we are going to be talking about creating extraordinary moments throughout all areas of your business, all interactions with your clients and prospects that will create a deeper bond, residence, and sense of trust that will activate what he describes as the limbic system of your brain instead of the logical thinking part of the brain.

There are so many little ways that you can create these experiences throughout your work with people that will create more word of mouth referrals that will have more people talking about you, wanting to buy from you again, and it creates a tremendous amount of momentum in your business. This is some of my favorite stuff to talk about and so I think this is going to be a really powerful and highly tactical, very thoughtful episode for you.


SEP Episode #183: How to Make Content Creation More Joyful and Successful with Shannon Hernandez

Today on the show we have Shannon Hernandez. Shannon is an amazing business strategist who is helping people create content and create businesses more joyfully. She has a very interesting definition of joy that we explore in this episode that I feel will really serve a lot of the listeners and help guide your business decisions in a way that creates more joy and ultimately more success for you.

We are also going to be talking about the different types of content personalities and how you may be in the wrong type of content creation for what your personality is. We are going to explore the different personality types and what to do once we start to get clear on what the best content for our personality is and what the benefits are once we become more aligned with that.


SEP Episode #182: Becoming Unbreakable In Your Body And Business With Kate Galiett

Today on the show we have Kate Galiett. Kate is a health and fitness expert with a long and successful track record in helping people who are in a ton of pain in their bodies really reclaim their own power with simple applicable systems to start to increase their mobility, decrease their pain, and live a life that is truly unbreakable.

We are going to be exploring some of the things and problems that face a lot of entrepreneurs when they are working so hard and start to neglect their health. We are going to explore Kate’s own entrepreneurial journey and the challenges and transformations that she has overcome as a fitness and health expert. We will also learn a little bit more about her new book coming out which can really help serve as a first step to anybody that wants to get out of pain and start to really enjoy fitness and confidence in their daily lives.


SEP Episode #178: The Key Ingredients for a Great Startup Pitch with Nilima Achwal

Today we have Nilima Achwal on the podcast. She is the founder of the Female Founders Lab. This is a startup accelerator that helps female and male founders access what she calls a “goddess energy.” This energy is essential when navigating the complex and challenging world of getting funding as a startup. She has a tremendous amount of international experience in this world and now works with many leading founders in acquiring the funding they need to carry their vision to the masses.

We are going to be talking about some of the key ingredients needed to acquire that funding and enroll venture capitalists into your startup. This is an excellent episode even if you have never had a start-up before, or never had a startup before. Having this level of vision can be very powerful and have a dramatic impact on the results you experience in your business and in your life. This is a very useful episode for everyone so that we can learn from startup founders on the cutting edge right now.


SEP Episode #177: The Value of Surrounding Yourself with Experts with Reed Davis

Today we have Reed Davis on the podcast. Reed is the founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Association, a rapidly growing powerful certification program for health experts and aspiring health experts. We are going to learn about his vision for that today and how he works with health experts as well as why Reed surrounds himself with experts and leaders in many different areas in his business.

One part, in particular, is we are going to talk about how we worked together to improve his presentation, create content quickly, and the transformation that he experienced over six months of working with me in his business, presentation, and in the results, he is getting when he speaks. I am really excited and really proud to share the work we have been doing over the last half-year and how he is taking what we have established together to really make an impact in the world.


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