SEP Episode #222: Story Roadmap Session with Nate Baumgartner

Today I have something a little bit different for you. I am going to be talking with Nate Baumgartner, a coach in breath work, mysticism, and using plant medicines to deeper connect with yourself and get better results in your life. I am going to be walking him through a process I call my story roadmap session.

This is something I do one on one with many of my clients to ask them stories or information about their ideal client, the products and services that they deliver, and then find stories from their own lives that they can use to craft and create a tool and a powerful story that get their clients emotional enrolled and excited to work with them. These are the exact frameworks and story formulas that I use in my private program to get great results for those that I work with. I hope you enjoy this process.

SEP Episode #221: The Gold in Your Gray Area Habits with Kari Schwear

Today on the show we have Kari Schwear. Kari is an expert in helping coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders forge new identities that help them overcome past compulsions, addiction, and limiting beliefs and really break through to their ultimate potential.

Today we are both going to be talking about some of these “gray area” habits that aren’t so bad and aren’t a big problem but are holding you back from really living the life of your dreams. We are going to talk about the cure for these habits which is forging an identity, making a declaration, and believing in a vision of who you are that is the future version and ideal version of you. Kari has lots of great insights into exactly how to create this and I am excited to share them with you because a lot of these techniques are very near and dear to my heart and my work.

SEP Episode #220: Story Roadmap Session with Taylor Morgan

I have something a little bit different and really special to share with you today. I am going to be working with Taylor Morgan who is a masculinity, health, transformation, and fitness coach for men.

I am going to be walking him through a story roadmap session. This is a process that I walk many of my private clients and those in my group coaching programs Story Pro to create and inspire new stories that these coaches can use to enroll new clients, inspire new clients, and grow their businesses.

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SEP Episode #219: The Power of Storytelling and Facilitated Discovery with Brooks Meadows

Today on the show we have Brooks Meadows. Brooks is a friend of mine who is an amazing storyteller and coach who has worked with men and women of many different ages, skills, and professions. He has helped them to connect with better stories within themselves and achieve peak performance in their lives.

Today we are going to be talking to Brooks about some of his stories and the value of storytelling as an art form and a business tool. This episode was recorded in a live format so there might be a little bit of background noise here and there but the quality of the content and the conversation is outstanding.

SEP Episode #218: Story Roadmap Session with Eric Patton

Today on the show we have Eric Patton and we are going to be doing a little bit different and a little bit special. I am going to be giving you a glimpse into what it is like to work with me in a 1 on 1 setting. These are recorded story roadmap sessions. I am going to take Eric, who is a coach in human design, a formula of ancient principles that are used to understand yourself on a deeper level and better navigate your life.

I will be asking him questions about his ideal client, who and how he loves to serve them, and some stories from his own life that reflect their experience. There are some really incredible stories to be heard and told here and I hope you enjoy the process of this story road map session.

SEP Episode #217: Creating A Story with Kimberly Kesting

Today on the show we have Kimberly Kesting and we are going to be doing a little bit different interview style than what I typically do on the show. I am going to take Kimberly through a process that I call a Story Roadmap Session where I ask my clients and potential clients about their story, who their ideal client is, and I gather enough information to create a story on the recording for this coach or client to use in their business.

I incorporate a lot of the frameworks and systems that I teach in my private program and my group program Story Pro to create this story with people as they are sharing information about their clients and their lives. This is a fun glimpse into what it’s like to work with me and you will get to see me draw out a story from Kimberly, who works with the Enlifted Coaching Certification program.

SEP Episode #214: A Middle Schooler’s Guide to Time Travel with Mike Iskandar

Today on the show we have Mike Iskandar. Mike is an educational consultant and he particularly works with middle school-aged children and helps them create emotional resilience. He gives them a lot of the exercises and tools that I am only just now in these last few years of my life discovering and using to heal some of the wounds, traumas, and baggage that comes from growing up as a kid in middle school.

We have a really interesting conversation today about how to get kids opened up to these ideas that aren’t commonly taught in schools and there are a ton of parallels for all of you entrepreneurs, coaches, and marketers out there who are trying to get your message out and have an audience with a very tight attention span and if there is anybody with tight attention spans it has to be middle schools. If Mike can get them open to this, you can do anything.

SEP Episode #213: How to Naturally Make 10k+ Offers with Kevin Kwan

About a year ago I hosted an event called The High Ticket Wellness Summit where I interviewed over 40 experts in health, marketing, sales, and business to help anybody in coaching, business, and transformation create more high ticket clients.

Today I am going to be sharing a gem from this series, an interview with Kevin Kwan. Kevin is an expert in making high ticket sales feel as natural as your coaching. We are going to be diving into that with him today.

SEP Episode #212: Unlock Your Legacy with Dr. Melissa Petersen

About a year ago I hosted an event called The High Ticket Wellness Summit which was all designed for helping people in the health and wellness space. Really helping anybody in any kind of coaching, marketing, or high ticket product sales get better results with their client, charge what they are worth, and experience the success in their business that they set out to achieve when they first started out.

Today we are going to be talking about one of the end stages of that and how to start with the end in mind building your legacy. Today we are going to be talking to Dr. Melissa Petersen who is an expert in longevity in many different ways and influence in many different ways. We will hear her methods for really creating a legacy that stands the test of time.

SEP Episode #211: Double Your Client Results in Half the Work Time with Jenn Malecha

About a year ago I hosted a summit with over 40 guest speakers called The High Ticket Wellness Summit. It was a treasure trove of great information, particularly for health and wellness experts but this is great for anybody in the coaching or entrepreneurship space. I am sharing a few of the gems from that event.

Today I am excited to share with you one of my favorite colleagues in the world of marketing and business, Jenn Malecha. I have worked with her on many different levels. We have collaborated in many different ways and every conversation we have recorded is filled with gems and this one is no different. Today we are going to be talking about simple systems that you can use in your business to scale up how many clients you can serve and the results that you get for your clients without you working hard or more time.

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