SEP Episode #238: The Art of Workflow with Andy Hickman

Today on the show we have Andy Hickman. I am very excited to share Andy with you today. He has been a private client of mine over the last six months and I recently joined his program The Art of Workflow because I was so impressed with his ideas while we were working together that I wanted to learn more about it.

I have been in his program for a couple of months and I am starting to discover the power that his process and systems have in creating clarity and figuring out the right actions to take and restoring the connection to your life through these simple habits and behaviors that are very different from your typical productivity gurus out there. Today we are going to talk with Andy and discover his process for The Art of Workflow.

SEP Episode #236: Walking the Lyme – Running a 7-Figure Business While Living with Lyme with TJ Nelson

Today on the show we have an old friend, TJ Nelson. TJ and I both got our start building online businesses, wanting to move out to Thailand to grow our online businesses and travel the world. Over the last 8 years, I have had the opportunity to witness TJ grow a business online and begin to start suffering from a chronic disease.

Despite going through some of the hardest challenges I have seen almost anyone go through, he’s been able to grow a thriving 7-figure business. Leading teams, inspiring people, and most recently in his book, Walk the Lyme. In his book, he shares some of the hardest and most challenging moments from this misunderstood condition and how he got through some of the darkest moments in his life

SEP Episode #235: Understanding the Subtle Self-Sabotage of High-Achievers with Celinne Da Costa

Today on the show we have Celinne Da Costa. She has been featured on this podcast, a few summits, and online events. She has been an amazing friend in this adventure of business over the last few years. She works with some of the high-level thinkers in corporate, coaching, and leadership and is at the very top of her game in high-ticket coaching.

Today on the show she is going to share some intimate and powerful stories of the subtle self-sabotage that many of her coaching clients experience and she is going to share some similar stories from her own life. There is a ton of great insight. Whether you are a leader in your field or a coach who is aspiring to serve very high-level clients this is going to be an action-packed episode for you.

SEP Episode #231: The Wisdom of Your Ideal Worst Day with George Bryant

Today on the show we have George Bryant. This has been one of my favorite interviews of the last couple of months. George is an excellent guest. He has a ton of experience being an influencer in the health space for a long time and he has grown many different six and seven-figure companies and simultaneously is a world-class coach and somehow does this all in just a few hours a day to make plenty of time for his family.

It wasn’t exactly an easy road to get here and he has a ton of stories to share about how that process has gone. George has a ton of gems to share about facing your fears, your hardest moments, and really leaning into the resistance. We are going to dive into a particularly interesting idea he has about how to define your ideal worst day. What are the baseline things that you can do if you can do these things even on your worst day then you still will be making progress toward your goals? We are going to explore what that looks like on the podcast today.

SEP Episode #227: The Wisdom Of Selfishness with Jessica Dennehy

Today on the show we have Jessica Dennehy. Jessica is a coach that helps women leaders tap into their selfishness to take better care of themselves to lift themselves up so that through this they can serve their business and family better and show up as the best version of themselves.

In our conversation, we dive into selfishness in the life of an entrepreneur, leader, and parent and why it is an essential ingredient for success in what you do.

SEP Episode #226: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way With Goal Setting With Scarlett Stanhope

Today on the show we have Scarlett Stanhope. Scarlett is a coach who blends highly practical and tactical business strategy with some mystical hippy abundance mindset and coaching work and blends both of them together to help people not only create goals that they can achieve, and that will advance them in their life but goals that get them excited to be awake every day. 

Since 2023 is right around the corner, we dive deep into goal setting in this episode so press play and learn how to start setting better goals. Make sure you listen until the very end as there will be a special segment of Scarlett’s story roadmap session.

SEP Episode #225: Story Roadmap Session with Ryan Conway

Today on the show we have Ryan Conway. Ryan is the founder of the Digital Tradesman and he helps build scalable, repeatable, and predictable sales systems and websites for contractors. Contractors are in a unique position in the world where they are typically not very technically savvy and don’t exactly know what they need in terms of good digital marketing systems and so they spend a lot of time struggling through that and aren’t able to get as many clients as they want. Ryan helps build these websites and systems so that these contractors can get to the work that they love most.

Today on the show, we are going to be working together with him to craft a story that he can use to make his message reach them and showcase his value and why it is worth it to get an all-in-one solution with all of the systems built together instead of piecing little things here and there. I am going to take him through the interview process that I go through with all of my private clients and help him craft a story.

SEP Episode #224: Master Your Customer Journey, Master Your Business with Big Marv

Today on the show we have Big Marv. Big Marv values freeing up the time of entrepreneurs, coaches, and business owners by creating what he calls “The Dual Funnel System.” “The Dual Funnel System is a series of automations, sequences, and SOPs that make doing a lot of what the hard work is of keeping a business up and going something smooth, effortless, and logical. The sales process, fulfillment, and retention of your customers are all really automated with him.

Today we are going to be breaking down some of his philosophy that has helped him develop his business, his processes, and his systems and allowed him to elevate himself from a guy that builds funnels to a premium authority in the market that people go to for help. We have got lots of great stories and very tactical insights, especially for those who are looking to grow from six figures to seven figures and beyond.

SEP Episode #223: How to Access Your Heart’s Wisdom with Daniella Cotreau

Today on the show we have Daniella Cotreau. Daniella has been working for over 20 years in helping experts, leaders, and visionaries get in touch with the inner wisdom of their hearts and navigate some of life’s most challenging decisions by tapping into their own unique knowledge and intuition.

But accessing this intuition and using it to its fullest often leads us outside of our comfort zones, challenges us, and leads us into realms of uncertainty. Daniella is going to give us many different tactics to both navigate the big challenging decisions, tap into our heart’s wisdom and make the life-defining decisions and choices that can come when you really start to tap into this wisdom.

SEP Episode #222: Story Roadmap Session with Nate Baumgartner

Today I have something a little bit different for you. I am going to be talking with Nate Baumgartner, a coach in breath work, mysticism, and using plant medicines to deeper connect with yourself and get better results in your life. I am going to be walking him through a process I call my story roadmap session.

This is something I do one on one with many of my clients to ask them stories or information about their ideal client, the products and services that they deliver, and then find stories from their own lives that they can use to craft and create a tool and a powerful story that get their clients emotional enrolled and excited to work with them. These are the exact frameworks and story formulas that I use in my private program to get great results for those that I work with. I hope you enjoy this process.

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