SEP Episode #275: Redefining Entrepreneurial Grit with Ron Nussbaum

Today on the show I have Ron Nussbaum. Ron is the founder of BuilderComs which is a communication platform that is set to disrupt one of the biggest industries in the United States – the construction industry. We will talk about in this episode some of the biggest problems with communication. Sometimes up to a third of the money and time invested in a construction project can be wasted due to poor communication.

This is a massive problem and a massive opportunity and we are going to talk about Ron’s personal philosophy that has led him to this moment, how he sees himself in this big opportunity, and what purpose he serves moving forward. This is a great episode to explore what high-level leadership looks like and what is necessary to make big changes in the world.

SEP Episode #274: The Secret Drunk Driving of Entrepreneurs with Jeff Schiefelbein

Today on the show I have Jeff Schiefelbein. Jeff is a successful serial entrepreneur who has been running many different businesses and ventures for twenty years. Today we are going to dive into his story of how an unexpected dark moment became one of the most important in his life. This was when he was pulled over for a DUI.

We are going to talk about that turning point in his life and we are going to talk about a lot of the ways that many entrepreneurs and visionaries are drunk driving in their businesses right now, not necessarily literally drunk driving but are going through the same process that is equally as dangerous at the helm of their businesses. There is a ton of great information that Jeff is going to share whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or have been at this for many years.

SEP Episode #272: The Art of Referral Parties and High Ticket Coaching with Mike Koenigs

Today on the show I have Mike Koenigs. Mike is a long-time veteran in the entrepreneurship space, author of many books, and on a first-name basis with almost any heavy hitter well-known entrepreneur, or personality that you can think of.

Today on the show we are going to start with Mike’s story which really leads into a bigger philosophical discussion around leadership. Then we will transition into the art of the referral party which has been one of my favorite tools to develop new connections and build new relationships that I have been using in the last year that has absolutely transformed my business and Mike is the mastermind behind it all. It is a huge honor to have him on the podcast.

SEP Episode #271: Transform Your Communication with Kyle Gray on She’s Busy AF Podcast

I have something a little bit different for you today. A few weeks back I was featured on the She’s Busy AF Podcast hosted by Lauren Loreto and it was an incredible experience. First of all, it was a huge honor to be the first male guest on a podcast for women business leaders by women business leaders.

It was an honor to be able to help with some of the key points that all entrepreneurs face in communicating their value and attracting their clients. This was an action packed episode so I wanted to share this interview with my listeners so you can get a little bit of a taste of what it is like when I am being interviewed.

SEP Episode #270: Vision, Value, and Masterful Sales Techniques with Armin Sharfee

Today on the show we have Armin Sharfee. Armin is a master at all things high ticket coaching from marketing and messaging to premium clients to delivering incredible experiences and scaling up a high ticket coaching business.

Today on the show we are going to be talking about creating a powerful vision that drives an increased value for your product and masterful sales techniques that you can use to attract and enroll premium clients into your newly upgraded programs.

SEP Episode #269: The Bright Future of Plant Medicine with Hamilton Souther

Today on the show we have Hamilton Souther. Hamilton is the founder of the Blue Morpho Organization and Retreat Center. He helps facilitate and certify those who want to go through psychedelic experiences, particularly with Ayahuasca. Today Hamilton is coming to us from his retreat center in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru.

We are going to have an amazing conversation that encompasses a lot of the business of psychedelics, the impact that it has had on places like Peru and South America, the future of psychedelic plant medicine work, and how it is tied in with the convergence of AI and people waking up and increasing their emotional intelligence. We cover a ton of ground in this conversation and I wish I could have gone for an extra hour.

SEP Episode #268: Mastering Intuition Over AI with Dan Goodwin

Today on the show we have Dan Goodwin. Dan got his start as an investigator and interrogator and now applies his question asking prowess and curiosity to help thought leaders access and leverage their own unique visions, abilities, perspectives, and most of all their intuition to get great results.

In this episode, we are going to talk about a lot of the applications of intuition including when we should use intuition over AI and how we can use both of them together to create great results. We also take a deep look at how Dan listens in many different ways and on many different levels to his audience and his clients and creates incredible experiences even if it is a simple one on one Zoom connection call.

SEP Episode #267: Building a Business That’s Enjoyable to Run with Mike Moll

Today on the show we have Mike Moll. Mike is a master at helping agency owners build businesses they actually enjoy running through great systems that are aligned with your core values and attract just the right people to work with you.

Today on the show we are going to talk about all kinds of systems and methods to build that business whether you are just starting out and starting on your own or whether you are scaling up and growing a team and want to bring in more of a team to help support you so you can be in your visionary role.

SEP Episode #265: Hidden Keys to High Ticket Coaching with Shannon Graham

Today on the show we have Shannon Graham returning for a second time. Shannon is a really inspiring figure in my life and one of the first people to open me up to the possibilities of very high ticket sales. Shannon loves to do sales of six figures or larger.

So today we are going to talk about exactly what it takes to create a six figure plus offer and how to lead and grow a business with your imagination and creativity rather than your own personal experience.

SEP Episode #264: Finding the Gold In Your Red Chair Moment with Chris Michel

Today on the show we have Chris Michel. Chris is the author of The Red Chair Experience and he defines a Red Chair Experience as a powerful moment in your life, usually painful that inspires a very big shift.

We are going to hear from Chris about the many Red Chair Experiences that have defined him in the last few years and the legacy that he is leaving because of it. He has an incredible story and this is going to be a great one for many different leaders who are facing challenges right now.