SEP Episode #293: Artists Journey

In this episode, Kyle Gray explores the concept of the artist’s journey as a natural progression of the hero’s journey. He shares a personal story about challenging himself to think five years into the future and how it led to a transformation in his own identity. Kyle discusses the power of inner story and how it impacts our mindset and actions. He emphasizes the importance of rewriting our own rules and overcoming self-doubt. Kyle also highlights the role of environment and the power of breaking mental patterns. He concludes by encouraging listeners to embark on their own artist’s journey and tap into their vision for a better world.

SEP Episode #292: The Authority Paradox

The authority paradox is the more you try to prove your credibility, the less credible you appear. Proving credibility often involves teaching as much as possible and listing certifications, but this can be distracting and overwhelming for the audience. Focusing on yourself instead of your audience hurts your connection with them. Instead of teaching all the details, focus on shifting belief patterns. Teaching to shift beliefs requires empathy and understanding of your clients. Using client stories and strategizing what to teach can inspire action and create credibility.

SEP Episode #291: The Power of Discomfort with Bill Matthews

Today on the show we have Bill Matthews. Bill is a coach for men who are experiencing roadblocks in their lives. They think that it is too late for them to live in alignment with the way that they truly wanted and truly sought after when they were younger.  

Together we are going to co-create a story that smashes this limiting belief and expresses the deep passion and power that Bill works with within the stories that we all tell ourselves about ourselves. This is a magical episode.  

SEP Episode #290: A Unique Process for Rapid and Lasting Transformation with Mike Zeller

Today on the show we have Mike Zeller. I am excited to share Mike with you for most of the episodes. Recently we have been crafting origin stories with my guests and today we are going to do something a little different but equally powerful.  

Today with Mike we are going to be developing a proprietary process that encapsulates many unique faucets of transformation that he brings to rewire your mind. He has a very powerful story that has inspired this journey and an equally powerful system to facilitate this.  

SEP Episode #289: A Better Way to Sell with Suzanne Taylor-King

Today on the show we have Suzanne Taylor-King. On the episode today we are going to explore the word Eudaimonia, an ancient stoic term that has profound implications for your modern-day life. We are going to hear a story of a profound turning point led by some sleazy sales that led to an incredible decision in her life.  

SEP Episode #288: Mapping the Mystery with Hamilton Souther

Today on the show we have Hamilton Souther. He is making his second appearance on the podcast after an absolutely stunning and incredible interview a few months back. I highly recommend going and checking out our first show together.  

Today he is going to be talking about the mystery school that he is starting, a series of curriculum and community dedicated to understanding the most mysterious and fundamental forces in our planet and in our lives. We are going to be hearing his story of exploring these mysteries deep in the Amazonian jungles of Peru and the meaning that he drew from it all.  

SEP Episode #287: Entrepreneurship is for Everybody with Jeff Lerner

Today on the show we have Jeff Lerner. Jeff is a long-time entrepreneur, musician, and content creator. Today we are going to talk about and explore his philosophy around why entrepreneurship is for everybody.  

We are going to co-create a powerful story based on his mid-life crisis that unfolded in a way that might be a little bit different than you might expect. This is an action-packed episode and I am really excited for you to hear the story we create at the end.  

SEP Episode #286: The Rule of 26 with Michael Buzinski

Today on the show we have Michael Buzinski. Michael is the author of the Rule of 26 and a master of the art of fractional CMOs. We are going to discover what exactly the Rule of 26 is when it comes to marketing and craft a story of the power of this rule in Michael’s own words and experiences.  

SEP Episode #285: Bravery, Books, and Business for Health Leaders with Laura Di Franco

Today on the show we have Laura Di Franco. Laura is the founder of Brave Healer Productions, which is a publishing company that supports health and wellness leaders in getting their message out and creates an absolutely healing journey and transformational experience for the experts themselves through clarifying their message and publishing a book.  

Today we are going to work with Laura on her story to reach more health experts. I am very excited to share this episode with you because it showcases the new format of The Story Engine podcast. You will recognize many of the great questions, conversations, and curiosity but you will also see that we are co-creating a powerful story together.  

SEP Episode #283: Broken Cookies and Selling Companies with Patty Block

Today on the show we have Patty Block. Patty is an expert coach in helping women business owners exit their businesses as successfully and smoothly as possible. On the episode today we are going to talk about the broken cookie effect and how this applies to many of the unique challenges that women business owners face growing and especially selling their companies.