SEP Episode #238: The Art of Workflow with Andy Hickman

Today on the show we have Andy Hickman. I am very excited to share Andy with you today. He has been a private client of mine over the last six months and I recently joined his program The Art of Workflow because I was so impressed with his ideas while we were working together that I wanted to learn more about it.

I have been in his program for a couple of months and I am starting to discover the power that his process and systems have in creating clarity and figuring out the right actions to take and restoring the connection to your life through these simple habits and behaviors that are very different from your typical productivity gurus out there. Today we are going to talk with Andy and discover his process for The Art of Workflow.

SEP Episode #237: I’m Already A Great Speaker, I Have A TED Talk, Why Do I Need A Presentation Coach

Today we are going to be answering one of my favorite questions of all time. I’m already a great speaker. I have a successful TED Talk, a successful podcast, and a successful keynote speech. Why do I need a presentation coach?

Over the last few years, I have worked with hundreds of thought leaders in health, entrepreneurship, and transformation, and my favorite group to work with are experienced speakers who have established businesses. I can get the very best results the fastest with this group of people but there is an elephant in the room as they are not sure they need this kind of help. If you ever found yourself wondering do I need help if I am already a successful speaker I am sharing five reasons why you do.

SEP Episode #236: Walking the Lyme – Running a 7-Figure Business While Living with Lyme with TJ Nelson

Today on the show we have an old friend, TJ Nelson. TJ and I both got our start building online businesses, wanting to move out to Thailand to grow our online businesses and travel the world. Over the last 8 years, I have had the opportunity to witness TJ grow a business online and begin to start suffering from a chronic disease.

Despite going through some of the hardest challenges I have seen almost anyone go through, he’s been able to grow a thriving 7-figure business. Leading teams, inspiring people, and most recently in his book, Walk the Lyme. In his book, he shares some of the hardest and most challenging moments from this misunderstood condition and how he got through some of the darkest moments in his life

SEP Episode #235: Understanding the Subtle Self-Sabotage of High-Achievers with Celinne Da Costa

Today on the show we have Celinne Da Costa. She has been featured on this podcast, a few summits, and online events. She has been an amazing friend in this adventure of business over the last few years. She works with some of the high-level thinkers in corporate, coaching, and leadership and is at the very top of her game in high-ticket coaching.

Today on the show she is going to share some intimate and powerful stories of the subtle self-sabotage that many of her coaching clients experience and she is going to share some similar stories from her own life. There is a ton of great insight. Whether you are a leader in your field or a coach who is aspiring to serve very high-level clients this is going to be an action-packed episode for you.

SEP Episode #234: What Salsa Can Teach You About High-Ticket Sales

Today we are going to talk about what salsa can teach you about high-ticket sales. Several times in my life I have taken dancing classes. Partner dancing is not something that comes naturally to me. In fact, it is pretty stressful and awkward.

With a partner, I am pretty stiff when I am dancing but I am the lead so I have to indicate when we are starting and where we are going. It is a lot of responsibility to be the lead and if you are not clear and confident it is hard for your partner to respond to your movement. A good lead can subtly guide a follower and instantly make them better. Wouldn’t it be good to have a lead like this in dancing and other situations like finances, sales, and eating right? What would you want to instantly and clearly be better at?

SEP Episode #233: When is the Right Time to Create a New Keynote or Presentation

Today we are going to be answering a very important question. Should we create a new keynote speech or signature talk? There are certain crossroads at every entrepreneur’s, coach’s, and visionary’s journey where this may or may not be necessary. It takes a lot of energy to create a new presentation to spill your thoughts down to something you can use reliably in about 30-45 minutes over and over again to be a high-converting tool.

There is a certain lifespan to a good presentation or keynote and many great coaches, visionaries, and leaders are not quite aware of this lifespan. I am going to break down four different key moments when it is time to decide if you should create a new presentation.

SEP Episode #232: How I Helped a Client Create 17 YouTube Videos in One Day

Today I am going to tell you how I helped a client of mine create 17 YouTube videos in one day. So what does it take to create over four months of content in a single day and how would it feel knowing that is all scheduled out and planned for you? Sure sounds nice, right?

Where would you even start? For most, the idea of sitting in front of a camera for a few hours to create, talk, and share your knowledge is both intimidating and overwhelming. Content takes time! But with the right help and strategy, it can happen. Listen in to hear what we did!

SEP Episode #231: The Wisdom of Your Ideal Worst Day with George Bryant

Today on the show we have George Bryant. This has been one of my favorite interviews of the last couple of months. George is an excellent guest. He has a ton of experience being an influencer in the health space for a long time and he has grown many different six and seven-figure companies and simultaneously is a world-class coach and somehow does this all in just a few hours a day to make plenty of time for his family.

It wasn’t exactly an easy road to get here and he has a ton of stories to share about how that process has gone. George has a ton of gems to share about facing your fears, your hardest moments, and really leaning into the resistance. We are going to dive into a particularly interesting idea he has about how to define your ideal worst day. What are the baseline things that you can do if you can do these things even on your worst day then you still will be making progress toward your goals? We are going to explore what that looks like on the podcast today.

SEP Episode #230: 4 Ways You’re Leaving Your Best Stories and Money on the Table

We are going to be going over some hard truths today. It may not feel good to hear but once you know about them you will be better off. We are going to be talking about ways you are leaving money on the table, blindspots in your marketing, sales, and communication that are keeping you from getting as good of results as you could.

The problem of having your best, most useful stories hidden in plain sight impacts leaders at every level of success whether you are just starting out and crafting your offer for the first time or you have been doing this for a long time and you have really good systems and ways of doing things. No matter what stage of your career you are in means missing out on these stories and leaving money and impact on the table. Discovering the right stories to tell and finding these stories that are hidden in plain sight is one of my favorite things to help my clients with. Over the course of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders to craft stories that get results I have started to notice some common roadblocks that keep people from recalling these great powerful stories that they can use right away. So let’s dig into the 4 story blindspots.

SEP Episode #229: Why Your Origin Story is Not Enough

Today on the show we are going to be talking about one of my favorite topics – origin stories but there is a twist. We are going to be talking about why your origin story is not enough. Not enough to succeed, not enough to carry your message to the goals you want to achieve. An origin story is usually 3-10 minutes long and is used to introduce yourself to the audience, create a connection and trust with them, and set you apart from your competition right off the bat.

These stories are memorable and have a cinematic feel to them and everybody wants to have one. These are also one of my favorite kinds of stories to work with people on. I love seeing how people light up when they get clear on this story and they are excited to share it. So much opportunity opens up for them. They are so thrilled to put the story into action. They feel a sense of completion but really there is a whole new world to explore. A good origin story is not the end or the entirety of your storytelling journey. It is just the beginning.

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