SEP Episode #286: The Rule of 26 with Michael Buzinski

Today on the show we have Michael Buzinski. Michael is the author of the Rule of 26 and a master of the art of fractional CMOs. We are going to discover what exactly the Rule of 26 is when it comes to marketing and craft a story of the power of this rule in Michael’s own words and experiences.  

SEP Episode #285: Bravery, Books, and Business for Health Leaders with Laura Di Franco

Today on the show we have Laura Di Franco. Laura is the founder of Brave Healer Productions, which is a publishing company that supports health and wellness leaders in getting their message out and creates an absolutely healing journey and transformational experience for the experts themselves through clarifying their message and publishing a book.  

Today we are going to work with Laura on her story to reach more health experts. I am very excited to share this episode with you because it showcases the new format of The Story Engine podcast. You will recognize many of the great questions, conversations, and curiosity but you will also see that we are co-creating a powerful story together.  

SEP Episode #284: Reinventing The Story Engine Podcast – A New Format Moving Forward

Today we are going to be talking about the future of The Story Engine Podcast. I have been running this show for over four years. We are approaching 300 episodes which is an amazing achievement. One of my favorite things about this podcast is that it has created a platform for me to connect with and learn from some of the most brilliant people in the world and I have loved being able to showcase their expertise, their story, and their values.

I have always been somebody that is really driven by a desire to learn and discover and this podcast has been the absolute perfect place for that. I am grateful for it because I feel like I have gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of coaching that has shaped my work and my creations. I have been inspired to change the format of this podcast for the very first time and today I am going to introduce what that new format is for you and share where I think this podcast is going in the future.

SEP Episode #283: Broken Cookies and Selling Companies with Patty Block

Today on the show we have Patty Block. Patty is an expert coach in helping women business owners exit their businesses as successfully and smoothly as possible. On the episode today we are going to talk about the broken cookie effect and how this applies to many of the unique challenges that women business owners face growing and especially selling their companies.  

SEP Episode #282: Leading Teams with Authenticity with Alex Atwood

Today on the show we have Alex Atwood. Alex is the CEO of GravyWork and is also an executive coach helping leaders in corporate and human resources become more efficient and powerful in the work they are doing through leading with more softness and authenticity. 

Today on the show we are going to hear a few of Alex’s stories and his insights on how we can lead with more authenticity in our teams and our lives.

SEP Episode #281: Simple Steps to Reprogram Your Mind with Sam Kabert

Today on the show we have Sam Kabert. Sam is the master and the explorer of creating a soul-life balance. He is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and one of Silicon Valley’s 40 under 40. He has a ton of tools both big and small to create more balance in life and we get to talk about some of those incredible tools with Sam today on the podcast.  

One of my favorite tools that I am going to share ahead with you is his simple steps to start reprogramming your own thoughts and your own emotions when they arise. It is not just about thinking happy thoughts until bad feelings go away. There is a really interesting and precise process Sam lays out for us today on the podcast with tons of other really useful tips and tricks.

SEP Episode #280: 2023 Year in Review

Today I am excited to share my year in review. 2023 has come to a close somewhat like the movie The Empire Strikes Back for me. It is cautiously and hopefully optimistic after a wild adventure where very little that the protagonists planned actually went to plan but they make it out mostly in one piece and wiser and stronger for the experience. It does set the stage for the bigger victory in the next movie.

With me, it wasn’t the happiest or easiest year but I do hope what I have learned and what I have gone through will set the stage for something even bigger and even more exciting in 2024. I want to share some of these insights and reflections as they might be helpful for you to understand my mindset and use them in your own story.

SEP Episode #279: The Counter-Intuitive High-Ticket Sales Habits of Joe Graham

Today on the show I have Joe Graham. Joe has nearly two decades of high-ticket sales experience and is the host of the “150k Podcast” where he has spoken with many leaders in the sales and marketing world. Join us as we dive into some of Joe’s counter-intuitive habits and strategies that are fundamental for the success of heart-driven and service-driven salespersons. 

We also talk about the balance between being a generous leader and making sure there is forward motion, how you can develop systems to help support you, and the surprising growth edges that Joe is expanding into. This episode highlights the importance of vulnerability, knowing yourself, and being present in order to truly help the clients that you are meant to.

SEP Episode #278: Roadmapping The Lifecycle Of Businesses With Scott Ritzheimer 

Today on the show I have Scott Ritzheimer. Scott is the founder of Scale Architects and helps business owners navigate the many and ever-changing stages of business. 

Today we are going to talk about the different stages of businesses and what they need to grow and ascend to the next level and the common pitfalls and challenges founders often face. Scott also shares how he discovered the lifecycle of businesses and the profound shifts that he was able to make in his own company with the clarity that it provided. 

Whether you are in the beginning stages of your business or have been in business for 20 years, this episode has powerful takeaways for every founder.

SEP Episode #277: The Different Between a Great Writer and a Great Author with Tyler Wagner

Today on the show I have Tyler Wagner. Tyler is the founder of Authors Unite, an incredible publishing company that allows business owners to elevate their message through the power of authorship.

Today we are going to talk about the fine and powerful distinction between what makes a great writer and what makes a truly great author and what’s possible with somebody who can truly embody authorship.